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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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So the last coaster i had the (dis)pleasure of riding was this bad boy, because the Adventuredome was closed for maintenance when I went to Vegas in early December. And (unpopular opinion) I didn't find it to be as terrible as expected! I only paid for one ride, but would have totally gone again.


Yes the transitions seemed like someone forgot to use the smoothing tool in Planet Coaster, but they were funny and entertaining. Yes the loop felt like it had 3 potholes, but I managed to get some decent floater airtime in many other places on the ride. I sat in the 2nd to the last car, 2nd row and I think I chose correctly. I've had worse cab rides in legit NYC.


Honestly my head banged more on Mind Eraser at Six Flags America, and the break-run will smush your brain against your skull. The break-run on "Manhattan Express" was tapered, and really cool how it descended into the casino building. I didn't even get a headache! That most recent honor goes to GASM at SFOG and Thunderhead at Dollywood as they have gotten really bumpy. By no means is the Roller Coaster at NY NY Casino my fav, but it's not in my bottom 10 either.


I guess plan B will have to do for now.

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The Wild One @SFA on New Year's Day. Stopped on the lift near the top. The wind suddenly seemed very noticeable. Someone walked over and yelled assurances at us since there's no PA and it finally went and was kind of awesome. Had wanted another couple rides, but chilled enough decided it was a good time to call it a night.

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Last one for me was Superman at Six Flags Great America at Holiday In The Park. I'll have 34 new credits from Florida and Georgia in two weeks' time, however!



Photo I took of it that visit

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