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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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^ Ooooooooo nice.


I don't get to ride Coaster here at home in the dark,

until I go to my Fright Night on the 17th, at Playland(PNE).


What Coaster looked like last year, when the playing fields' lights behind it, were on. Looked amazing!

Especially when a train roared by. Photo taken from the West Coast Wheel. Oct.24, 2017.

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^^ John, you obviously have - no - dignity - whatsoever.










If it makes you feel any better Bill, the previous coaster before that (a little more than a month ago) was Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland.

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Thought I was finished riding new coasters for the season, but I had a last-minute business trip to Houston and was able to get down to Kemah for the Boardwalk Bullet.


Fun little coaster. Some decent laterals and pretty okay airtime. About what I expected from a small Gravity Group coaster. I only rode it twice - once in front and once in back, and went on with my day. I was moderately stapled in the back row, so the airtime may actually be better than I experienced.

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^ They were stapling really badly on my visit back in April. They had me remove my phone and wallet from my pocket so they could get the last click on the lap bar so it could go all the way down to its lowest level. I still really enjoyed the ride though and felt some nice air.


My most recent ride was Boulder Dash in the front row in total darkness.


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