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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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Steel Vengence about an hour ago. Great coaster, but due to the restraints configuration (and nursing a severe bruised hamstring). It was 1 and done for me


Might get back on at some point tomorrow for another ride. But it won’t be as warmed up as the ride tonight was

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Wicker Man @ Alton Towers. Actually a lot of fun, easily the second-best coaster at the park now (behind Nemesis, of course)!


You weren't a big fan of The Smiler? Smiler was my favorite coaster at Alton Towers, followed by Wicker Man and Nemesis.

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A piece of trash called Runaway Train @ Gillians Wonderland in Ocean City. It was kinda fun, but I feel lucky to be alive to be honest.


Maverick. Six times in an hour. In the dark

This sounds amazing.

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This past Sunday, Possessed at Dorney Park -- my son's first Intamin Impulse thanks to him narrowly creeping above the 52" mark! He absolutely LOVED it and won't stop talking about it. His favorite part was going back down the twisty spire backwards. He's gonna have his mind blown when he hits up Wicked Twister.

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