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  1. I'd love to... ...but that requires NL expertise I don't have.
  2. Re: guests blacking out on a low-level giga Not necessarily. The whole ride doesn't need to be low to the ground after the main hill. Just space out the hills a bit and keep the low-level stuff in between. Also, Intimidator 305 proved that a lot of high hills to bleed off speed aren't a total necessity for a gigacoaster. I think the perfect blend is somewhere in the middle: enough terrain hugging to keep things interesting with the massive hills sprinkled in for good measure and variety. I think this will be a solid ride, but I can understand the sentiments of those who maybe wish it used the terrain to its advantage a bit more.
  3. With a compliment that great, how could we not get excited? I kid, I kid.
  4. Interesting to read some of the feedback about some RMCs having too much going on in the layout. I'm inclined to agree. I felt that Steel Vengeance having so many elements packed into the design detracted from the experience a bit. The ride is exceptionally huge, and Millennium Force right across the park showed the value of having drawn-out maneuvers that allow riders to experience the incredible speed. I'd like to see RMC find a good middle-of-the-road approach, a la some of the examples listed by Invertalon. That said, focusing specifically on Untamed, I'll take too much going on over what the ride was as Robin Hood. Oof.
  5. CMH isn't a bad idea if you want to fly in and out of the same airport. If you did CLE or CVG but wanted in and out of the same airport, you'll do two full-length drives across the state. The most ideal option would be into one and out of the other, but of course, that may come with higher costs.
  6. Those positive g-forces are what make me love Titan. It’s cool to have a hypercoaster that isn’t focused predominantly on airtime.
  7. I imagine Cedar Point's location is to blame. I have no data, but I'd venture, and this is based a bit on past experience, that they have a disproportionate amount of their workforce that isn't local compared to other parks. The nearest large city is Cleveland, and that's an hour away. Most SF parks are much closer to the nearest cities, and the ones that aren't (Great Adventure, Magic Mountain, Discovery Kingdom) are still in areas/markets that are far more developed than, well, Sandusky. I like Cedar Point's strategy and would gladly take the reduced ride count but have them running at peak efficiency.
  8. Great TR, and if I may continue the discussion on Everest, I might actually prefer Slinky Dog Dash to Everest as well. Slinky Dog Dash is one of the best at what it does, whereas I feel Everest is a visually stunning yet, and pardon the harshness of this, pretty weak attempt to be a thrilling coaster. It has some great moments and it isn't a total dud by any means, but I think I expected a lot more from such a massive ride. In my opinion, there are at least three coasters on property better than it, and maybe even a fourth. TL, DR recap: I don't think Everest is all it's cracked up to be because I had the wrong expectations.
  9. Valravn at #356. I'm not ordinarily a fan of Dive Machines, but that ride was absolutely fantastic.
  10. It's a shame that it has become hit or miss these days. Despite my visits to SF parks other than America being pretty infrequent, I felt like SFOT always delivered when I'd go there. It's one of the few in the chain to which I'd really like to get back in the very near future, although based on this review, maybe I don't.
  11. It's cool to see that you think Maverick is still the dominant ride in Frontier Town. I don't know that I've arrived at a final conclusion, but I think I'm leaning towards Maverick myself. Steel Vengeance had so much to it, but there's just something about that punchy nature of Maverick that really makes it almost unmatched in its greatness. Glad you had a great trip!
  12. Exactly! It's like the hall of fame for roller coaster design. This was by far the longest I’ve gone without going there since I started visiting in 2002 (I even worked there in 2006 as a ride op on Top Thrill Dragster), and I felt like I was more excited than I’d ever been to get back. I realized that Valravn was the 20th coaster I’ve ridden at Cedar Point in my lifetime, and it’s crazy to think that the rides that have left since my first visit were Wildcat, Disaster Transport, and Mean Streak (I don’t count the Mantis/Rougarou conversion as a ride going and a new one coming, although I’m sure it counts from a comfort perspective), and in their place have come Top Thrill Dragster, Maverick, GateKeeper, Valravn, and Steel Vengeance. The best keeps getting better. I do want to point out that I take nothing away from Steel Vengeance when I say that I can't definitively call it the park's best coaster, because it was genuinely incredible, but those other two rides are just so incredibly fantastic in their own right that it's impossible for me to try to rank them. I also meant to add that my Magnum lap was of the rare trimless variety, and I dare say it rivaled Skyrush and El Toro on the airtime front because of it. Unreal.
  13. I was out there this past Friday. First visit in five years. It was a rescheduled trip from the weekend after Labor Day, so I basically went in knowing I just had a few hours and I needed to make them count. First off, thank goodness for early entry. From the way it seemed the lines were getting as 8-9 pm rolled around, that extra hour saved my bacon. I snagged a walk-on for Maverick, 20 minutes or so for Steel Vengeance, and 15 for the front row on Millennium Force. Valravn eventually became my fourth ride of the night, but mechanical downtime delayed that a bit. I eventually wandered back to it right as the line was opening after two previous checks on it, and so I mercifully avoided a lengthy wait. I timed Magnum right after it reopened, so no wait there, and GateKeeper would've been quick were it not for transferring on the third train right as I was about to board. It's a shame to hear that Friday nights are usually not so crowded as it would've been nice to binge some of the heavy hitters, but I was able to pick up the two credits I didn't have already (Steel Vengeance and Valravn). (Possibly) controversial opinions: Steel Vengeance is not the clear winner as the best ride in the park in my eyes, with Maverick and Millennium Force being possible candidates. Also, Valravn is an exceptionally good ride, and I usually don't care much for dive machines.
  14. Capacity is my biggest criticism of its placement at Kings Island. I worked it as X-Flight at Geauga Lake in 2005 (hence my selection of a Vekoma avatar), and even though we really made it our mission to check those trains as efficiently as possible, you can only move so fast. The slow recline didn't help matters. Even with both stations running, things just don't move too quickly. At a smaller park in the chain, it wouldn't be much of a problem, but Kings Island needs people-eaters.
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