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  1. Steel Vengeance, Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, Magnum XL-200, Rougarou, Valravn, and Gatekeeper all require a locker for loose articles.
  2. 1. How many parks did you visit in 2019? 10 2. Best new-for-2019 (or new-to-you-in-2019) ride? X2 3. Name the first 3 coasters that come to mind. X2, El Toro, Millennium Force 4. What was the best flat ride you rode in 2019? Lex Luthor Drop of Doom 5. What is your favorite RMC under 130 feet? (cheat sheet) Twisted Colossus 6. What was the last Premier coaster that you rode? Superman: Ultimate Flight 7. Name a park you've been to that you're already planning to revisit. Busch Gardens Williamsburg 8. What is your home park and how many times did you visit in 20
  3. This will be a slower year. Definitely: Kings Island Cedar Point Probably: Kings Dominion Busch Gardens Williamsburg Maybe: Carowinds Hershey Park Canada's Wonderland Waldameer
  4. I don't know how much you've looked into it, but keep in mind that this will be an expensive credit for what it is. Zoo Parking and Admission will be required and set you back about $40-50. The coaster ride itself is only a couple of dollars on top of that. The coaster is very similar to the Ghoster Coaster/Woodstock Express junior woodies. Of course, it's your trip and your money so you do you. Just didn't want you to show up thinking it could be a quick, cheap credit stop.
  5. I had to go to Cedar Point for physics day in high school. Unfortunately, I was terrified of the big rides at that time! Our teacher didn't seem to care if we actually did the work so it was just a fun day. Everyone spent their time waiting in long lines for Raptor and Mantis because they were the new hotness. I rode Iron Dragon repeatedly because it had no line and it was about my speed at that time
  6. Rent a car. I was there in June. First visit to the area. I got around just fine using by using iPhone maps. Sure, it can take forever to get places, but it didn't feel that stressful or unbearable.
  7. It's hard for me to sort these all out, especially at the top. My opinion seems to change every time I visit. Maverick Steel Vengeance Top Thrill Dragster Millennium Force Raptor Magnum XL 200 Gatekeeper Gemini Blue Streak Valravn Rougarou Wicked Twister Corkscrew Iron Dragon Cedar Creek Mine Ride
  8. My god! An amazing park with an amazing coaster lineup keeps getting better. Can't wait to see the full POV and start hearing reviews next spring. We've already been planning a Florida trip for 2021. This makes me even more hyped. Also, purple and green has always been one of my favorite color combinations so that will look great.
  9. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Disneyland) The Beast (Kings Island) Rolling Thunder (Six Flags Great Adventure)
  10. Probably cloned strippers. All dressed like Harley Quinn. I prefer Dragster over Ka. I felt like the launch on Ka was hesitant and not smooth. Felt like we were going to roll back for sure. Also, the aforementioned lap bars, theming, atmosphere of being in the center of the park
  11. There was no CP Gold Pass last year (2019). There was the regular season pass which didn't include parking, early entry, or perks; or the Platinum Pass.
  12. Been on the 'wagon since returning from vacation in late June. I've been eating well (not counting anything, but eliminating nearly all processed food). I've cut out soda at work and home. I will have the occasional sodas when going out or at the parks. Exercising regularly. I'm running using the Couch to 10k program. And strength training 2x a week. So far, I'm down 20 pounds. Still feel like I'm close to doing a walk of shame from coasters, but it's nice to see the scale numbers going down. Still fighting self-esteem issues too with being obese. But I'm making progress..
  13. It's exactly what we thought based upon what we saw already. And that's a good thing! I think this ride looks great. It is short but it packs a punch for the length that it does have. I'll be happy seeing this at my home park.
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