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  1. ^I saw that same sign in front of Gold River Adventure too yesterday. I'm honestly not sure what the ride's future will be.
  2. Texas Giant just yesterday. It was running pretty well despite the awful operations.
  3. The new animatronic for the redhead is fantastic! Her voice sounds very familiar by the way.
  4. Probably Astroworld since that was my dad's childhood park. I never made a trip down to Houston until almost a decade after it was demolished so I never had the chance to experience it.
  5. They both claim to have the first tubular steel coaster ever built! Lightning Rod and Flying Turns
  6. Are you not going to go to the park if we say it is busy? Define busy. How does it compared to the definition of crowded? Do you mean is it busy enough that you should get there at rope drop and hit up Riddler first, or is it busy that you need a Flash pass? What amount of time are you use to waiting for a ride? Please elaborate. My bad, I meant as if I want to know in advance so if I need to purchase a Flash Pass or not.
  7. How busy is SFOT typically on Good Friday? It is the only day that I could make time to go to the park thanks to my busy schedule.
  8. Runaway Mountain at SFOT. Indoor windstorm models kick A$$!
  9. Welcome to the idiot generation where everything revolves around gossip, drama, memes, and clickbait YouTube thumbnails.
  10. I'm curious about the different restraints on this Joker model. I wonder how comfortable they will be compared to Batman at SFFT.
  11. I'm honestly not surprised. Nintendo really needs to get their crap together when supplying new releases under huge demand.
  12. Currently playing Overwatch on PC. I'm trying my best to get some good placement matches played during competitive season 4.
  13. Hello there, the name's WillyMammoth24, but you could just call me Will. I have had interests in theme parks ever since the age of six and while it was contributed by my many playthroughs of Walt Disney World Explorer on CD-ROM, it was all triggered by a trip to SFOT back in 2004. Since then, I have read books about many theme parks and roller coasters, watched documentaries about them, and eventually stumbled into communities such as this one! Besides coasters and theme parks, I am into gaming, anime, and engineering. I am currently taking a break from theme parks now that I am in college,
  14. I won't be getting a Nintendo Switch until the hype dies down. Meanwhile, I have been playing tons of Overwatch lately.
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