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TPR's "Real World Orlando" Photo Trip Report!

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Hey everyone!


So today was the start of our annual October Orlando trip. This time things were a little different. We like to call this "TPR Meets Real World." Why do you ask? Because there are 16 of us staying in a 6 bedroom house in Orlando!


And who knows, perhaps we might start voting people out!


We will have a full video and photo trip report once we're back from this trip, but as it's late here in Orlando and I know you all want to see photos anyway, here's a sneak preview!


Part One - Arriving in Orlando, Animal Kingdom, Disney/MGM, Epcot

Part Two - Universal Orlando, Islands of Adventure, and Halloween Horror Nights

Part Three - Epcot's Food & Wine Festival, Magic Kingdom's "Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party"

Part Four - Cypress Gardens & Busch Gardens "Howl-o-Scream"

Part Five - Back to Walt Disney World!


...and even MORE photos:

Erik Johnson's TPR Orlando Photo Trip Report

ParkTrips' Disney & Universal Photos

ParkTrips' Disney, Cypress Gardens, Busch Gardens, & Sea World Photos

DerekRX's Photo TR from the trip.

The "Other Eric Johnson's" Road Rules Orlando Photo TR

Soren's Orlando Photo Trip Report!


And a couple of videos:

Erik Johnson's Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Video

Erik Johnson's "Dance Dance Derek" Video

JediMaster's Ryan Video

DegoRed's Busch Gardens Tampa Video


No caption needed!!!!


It wouldn't be a TPR party if Ryan didn't get thrown in the pool!


I no longer need sex for the rest of this trip!


"The thing that would make this better is a dozen donuts...."


We love you guys!


Rich is all "damn...I want me some of that!!!!" =)


"Little does he know I'm going to handcuff him to the bed in his sleep!"


Soren is totally getting his ass handed to him!


"We would all like to vote our Joe because his quad boobs creep us out!"


Welcome to the "TPR House!" Who should we vote off this week?


And this is what we call "love....."


Lights out, and time for love!


Japanese people were very frightened by us.




SCORE!!!! A sign of a good relationship is a couple that always work together as a team.


We all show our respect for Capcom. (This should make Wes proud!)


Random Epcot stupidity! (Yes, we are doing a LOT of park hopping today!)


Don't worry Kim, dear, I will keep you safe!


You can never have enough "good tower."




We popped our Kali River Rapids cherry!


Mmmm.....Vekoma Yeti Goodness!


Hash Browns & Chili or a scientific experiment in bowel movements?


Jon is a fatty!


When you arrive in Orlando at 6am, of COURSE you first stop is Waffle House!


Good thing I didn't bring my remote control car on the plane!


All awesome TPR trips must begin at the airport....

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Wow! You guys really know how to have a good time!! I wish i could kick it with you all the time!!!


I have to be stuck with the people that either dont like coasters, dont know anything about coasters, or thinks coasters are supposed to be under cups!!


If for once i can be with a group of people like you guys that know what your talking about and just have a blast!!!


SMH @ also wishing i had the money to do all that!!!

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Keep in mind that the house is 6 Bedrooms, but 2 bedrooms have 2 beds, there's a pullout sofa, and boys on air mattresses!


(Oh, and Ryan sleeping in the pool!)


We're having a great time! And thank you for recognizing my Quad Boob Art!

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