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  1. YAY!!! I am soooo glad that today has come and gone! It was an amazing day that will go down in DCA's history! I am sooo glad that TPR was there to help celebrate this occasion! Glad that you enjoyed our little attraction! It is really surpassing everyone's expectations! EVERYONE needs to come check it out! See you at the Midway...make sure to say hi! chuck "maniac at heart!" garcia
  2. LOL! That video is soooo funny! White Castle is quite possibly the most "interesting" fast food that I have ever had. Not once did I get sick on the trip, until the moment after we ate, which made for an interesting plane flight home, and for the next 48 hours later. What was really funny was seeing the MASSIVE excitement that we all shared about eating at White Castle, slowly dissolve as the Sliders hit our stomachs. In the end, we were all like..."DUDE, what's going on with my body?!!!" chuck "Still recovering from White Castle!" garcia
  3. I can't wait to see that!!! WHERE IS IT!!!? ALSO... Yohan...keep up the good work on the Midwest Updates! chuck "Living vicariously through other's WCB experiences!" garcia
  4. I figured as much! It's just funnier when you tell the story Wes! chuck " " garcia
  5. ^Is there a story?! chuck "Can't Wait to hear! Tell it to me Kanye!" garcia
  6. I, for one, am glad that the lightening picture was not blurry...because everyone would see the possible pee running down my leg! That was an INTENSE lightening storm...I remember seeing that Lightening bolt, and thinking..."OH MY LAUNDRY! That is REALLY close!" Two brushes with death in Winconsin Dells, PINK SLIDE OF DEATH, and Lightening storm! It was an amazing night though. chuck "I loved the wave pool!" garcia
  7. OMG! Something innappropriate is happening to my body as I read this thread! THERE IS DEFINITELY SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME!!! I love EPCOT so much! By far my favorite Florida Park. Matt thank you sooo much for posting this thread, it just made me SOOOOO HAPPY! We will have to compare EPCOT Books, I was given one as a gift when I was like 4 from my uncle, and I looked at the pictures all the time as a child. It's too bad that it took me 25 years to get there! The book is called "Walt Disney's EPCOT Center: Creating the New World of Tomorrow" and was published in 1982. I love this book! Ok...done being a dork for tonight! chuck "TPR never ceases to amaze me!" garcia
  8. Patties and mystery meat? BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I haven't laughed that hard in my life...OMG...best quality comedy!!! It wasn't until we got to Friday's that I laughed that hard again! chuck "Still laughing!" garcia
  9. No apologies needed. Yes, you were as they say, "Giddy as a schoolgirl...!" But I must say it's not the first time someone's described a ride with me in that way *wink wink*. Glad I was lucky enough to be a part of a life-changing moment! <-----BTW, 300th post!!! Whoop whoop!!! G "Chuck gave birth to Voyage's babies on 1st ride" Money LMAO!!! I guess I was "giddy as a schoolgirl!" I just liked it SOOOO much...if that wasn't clear by now. If I did in fact have Voyage babies, then Voyage haters beware, I can't have anyone talking sh*t about my baby daddy! chuck "that's as ghetto as I get!" garcia
  10. ^ I LOVE that I don't even have to comment about Disney "Carry-On" procedures! Lot's of support here already! EXCELLENT! Seriously! Voyage was the most positive memorable wooden coaster experience that I have ever had in my life. I was seriously blown away! My first ride was with GJ, and I don't think I ever apologized to him, because I was LOSING my mind on that coaster! Every other two seconds I was screaming "OMG!!!!", "AHHHHHH!", "WHAT?!!" and "SERIOUSLY!!" GJ please accept my apologies. It truly took my breath away! Three major moments changed my life on this trip: Pink slide of Death, My MilF Ride with Robb, and my first ride on Voyage! I haven't been the same since! chuck "wish I was riding V-tastic Voyage!" garcia
  11. I am speechless...I love this trip...take me back! chuck "Keep it up Jahan!" garcia
  12. YAY!!! Even though I am mortified by some of the pictures (WHALE PENIS! Inside joke for some.) I really enjoyed the trip...and this P:TR! Thanks for documenting it Jahan! chuck "here's to the sunset!" garcia
  13. I really, really, really, really, really, really wanted to get laid..... . . . MORE! --Robb "Seriously, is there any OTHER reason to go through the pain of losing weight?" Alvey LMAO!!! Well said!! For me...my inspiration, in addition to sex, was the ability to ride coasters like Millennium Force without having an anxiety attack, hyperventilating, having the entire station watching, as the Millennium Force Ride Op, is just about to kick me off for not being able to buckle my seatbelt, and then....in the last millisecond, hearing the STUPID BELT click, and getting the clear for dispatch. Thank BUDDHA (speaking of fatties), Robb was there to say "HEY...CALM YOUR ASS DOWN, and BREATH." Seriously, it was one of the single most terrifying moments of my life that has been etched in my memory for a lifetime...enough motivation for me to lose a ton of weight. chuck "Still not "cool" enough to wear a patch jacket!" garcia
  14. This is exactly the reason that I love this site, the hardcore fans! That weekend was fantastic, an absolute blast! Being able to relive the moment through the P:TR, is priceless! Thanks for posting the pics from Cheesecake, I will never have a table that will come close to you guys! Can't wait for your return! chuck "Going to relive the weekend over and over again!" garcia
  15. From personal experience with my 5 y.o. niece! She can ride most of the rides at DCA, including ToT, but it scares her to death! She loves the Matterhorn, but can't stand Mulholland, Loves the Jumpin' Jellyfish, but feels uneasy on Soarin'... So, it's a toss up! I have witnessed several terrified children being coaxed by CM's to ride an attraction, as well as CM's who take the time to ask a crying child being dragged on the attraction by a parent, if they REALLY want to ride. In those situations the child really is, and should be, the boss. Through the eyes of a 5 y.o., many attractions can be very intimidating! I remember being so terrified of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride as a child that I covered my eyes with a park map the entire time, which was rather embarrassing when I returned to the station, and the entire queue laughed at me (I am scarred for life)! And I didn't ride my first "upside down" coaster until I was in 3rd grade, and again I was peeing my pants in line! Then again...I am a big wuss! chuck "Gonna pee my pants at my first Haunt on 10/28/07!" garcia
  16. The expansion makes me When considering this HUGE project, remember that this is a MAJOR risk! Re-branding a park to this extent is unprecedented in Disney History! Second, DCA's original theme was designed to appeal to the grown "Disneyland Child" with attractions that were noticeably more intense than what you would find across the esplanade. This was a major flaw. The biggest complaint at DCA is that their aren't enough "family friendly" attractions, and let's face it, "family" is the main focus, not the seasoned theme park thrill junkie! While DCA/ Disneyland experts know exactly what attractions and shows are available for the young (5 and under crowd) at DCA, the general public feels that the young ones get cheated when paying for a DCA ticket! Which is why crossover suffers! As a result you are seeing a push to add attractions that are less "intense", and NOT seeing the addition of what we consider "E-ticket" attractions. Lastly, the park is going to get a major dose of "feeling" and "atmosphere" which has been lacking over the years. Story is very important in a Disneyland attraction, and I have heard several people complain that story/theming at DCA was only inch deep... there was a lack of depth! There has always been a disconnect and lack of the Walt Disney Legacy when it came to DCA, and you are going to see that change. You will see story lines and theming that bring Walt's life experiences here in SoCal to the new park. Disneyland was a park built on Walt's childhood hometown, DCA will focus on his life here in CA...from the moment he arrived in LA. It should be pretty great! It will be nice to finally feel some sort of "Walt" presence in the park It's no secret that I LOVE LOVE LOVE DCA just the way it is...I'm biased I know...but I find no reason to not be excited about this! chuck "grossly optimistic!" garcia
  17. THIS FREAKS ME OUT!!!! I hate scary!!! I hate scary like Dan hates Water rides!!! I am going to my first Haunt on the 28th...I secretly might PEE my pants from fear!!!!! I am sure Joey, if he is working, is going to get a good laugh if he sees me in a maze!!! I can't believe I got pressured into this stuff!!! Why is this sooo appealing...I can't wrap my brain around it! That Chainsaw picture is evil! chuck "frady cat" garcia
  18. Hmmm....now where have I heard THAT before...and in California?? Kidding aside, looked like a fun fair and just an old fashioned good time. Glad to see that atmosphere still around. Funny how that quote pops up every now and then! EVEN in California! I am glad that the County Fair is still going strong. I was worried that maybe the culture ( if you can call it culture) and the novelty might die, but it seems to still be kicking! It was fun....but is was no ! I'm telling you, don't be surprised if I end up with a pet pig one day! It was awesome fun! Would have been fun to crash it with a couple TPR friends! The "Farm Equipment" show, is really impressive, we get tourists from all over the world attending. Even from Japan! SPEAKING OF SEAGULLS: Its really funny, because I did think as I snapped Jahan's penguin photo, "HUH, there are no seagulls in Tulare!" and then I smiled and giggled to myself! BAHAHAHA! That is AWESOME BABY! I loved your report! I never noticed... but yeah... it is kinda sad, but I loved the floppy bunny! Pig> Floppy Bunny or Floppy Bunny > Pig? I can't decide!
  19. I KNOW! isn't it OBSCENE!!!! I honestly wanted to take a pig home with me, but I know nothing about raising a pig. But I must admit that they were quite adorable!
  20. Yeah! I know! This was far from being Ghetto! I was really impressed! BTW the bands that you saw in the picture were mainly Middle School groups, so a fiberglass sousaphone is probably a better option! The band geek in me is about to come out, do you use marching tubas, or brass Sousaphones when you march!? Back to topic: The Orbiter was impeccable, I really wish I could have seen it at night! Thanks for reading Erik! Soren's dark ride rocked! Sure thing! And we can try to win the boxing gloves to bust the penguins! HAHAHAHA! I didn't even think about that, but now that you mention it...Seriously though the operation was fantastic, and when you find a courteous carnie you really can't complain.
  21. Welcome to Tulare!!! A small city, estimated population 430,000, just south of Fresno, California on Highway 99. Make sure you pronounce it correctly: Too-lair-ee. It is here, in Tulare, that I grew up, where a ton of my family still lives, and where our little adventure begins! I needed to visit my sister because she was in a pretty nasty car accident, and I took the first opportunity that I could to see her. Little did I know what was in store for me!!!! Tulare is the Dairy Capitol of the WORLD! Seriously!!! No need to ask GOT MILK... because "WE'VE GOT IT." Clever isn't it! Here is my High School! Home of the Redskins! (Is that Racist or what?!) This is where my morning began! In Tulare there are two things that the city shuts down for 1) The World Ag Expo (AKA:The Farm Equipment Show, to the locals. I know, I know! It sounds DUMB but it's HUGE! it's the World's LARGEST Agriculture Exposition), and 2) The Tulare County Fair! September 12, 2007 just happened to be the opening day of the Tulare County Fair, School was not in session, and the locals have staged a parade complete with marching bands, horses, and floats! Great fun! This is my sister Passion! I am her biggest FAN! She is the coodinator of the "Relay for Life" event in Tulare, which helps raise money to help cure cancer. She asked me and my friend Danny to participate in the parade by handing out fliers about the EVENT! I said sure, because finding a cure for CANCER IS COOL! Every one put on a purple shirt, and helped! Even my neice Alexis and nephew Hunter joined in the extravaganza! Hunter rocked the orange, but he repped with the Purple Ribbon! Hunter and my brother-in-law Scott play baby drop tower before we step off! (Gotta train them early!) The streets were lined with people! Just like Disneyland! The parade route was about a mile and half long, but we distributed over 500 fliers! Not too shabby! This Car/ Float was behind us in the parade...I don't know what JUGFEST is , but it sounded interesting! Now that the hard work was done! It was time to get excited for the fair!!! Once inside the fairgrounds we were bombarded by the aroma of food! Like any county fair, there was a large variety of FRIED EVERYTHING!!! I was looking for a salad, but settled for a taco instead! After we stuffed ourselves silly, I was itching to get to the midway! (You're probably thinking the same thing!) Now, I used to come to this fair every year, and when I left for college in 1995, I never came back! This would be my first time back in over 10 years!! ARGHH! Helm & Sons provided our Midway Entertainment! Bring on the FLAT RIDES! This gentleman led us to the Midway! The line to buy tickets, NOT Mexican food!!! Tickets will... Tilt and whirl you... Swing you... Flip you... Rock you... HANG you... "Fall" you... ZIP you... and Scramble you! (I know it's not a Scrambler!) OH look a Credit! After the lovely stroll down the midway, we decided to try our luck with some of the Midway Games! Now, I know that I have initially claimed this to be a Ghetto fair, but I was pleasantly proven wrong when we played our games! First, I only saw one carnie missing a tooth (Standards have gone up!), kids, even if they didn't technically win the game, were given a prize (talk about Courtesy!) and, we were given some pretty good deals on the price. (We didn't even have to haggle!) FISH BOWLS... We got 100 Rings for $5...that wasn't even an option! Pure magic I tell ya! We still didn't win. A happy 5 year old! A happy 30 year old! (Google Planet Unicorn NOW!) He's taking over the WORLD!!! It wasn't FASCINATION, but it had a ball and a hole. Ohhhh Jahan!! Don't worry these were also a prize option at the same game! Maybe others share your feelings toward penguins. Random Dark Rides and Fun Houses! Scary... But not as scary as this! Check out that RACK!!! Is this Jugfest? The Animal Exhibits were next! This part of the fair was not TPR friendly! Sorry Robb! I saw an ANGRY Turkey...he meant no JIVE! A lazy goat... A Cock-A-Doodle...He is totally staring me down! A floppy bunny... And a Guinea Pig...Hi Elissa! There was a sign for a Llama, but she was no where to be found. She must be on vacation in Japan with Chris! OH LOOK! This must be JUGFEST!!!! This one says, "Take me home Chuck!" The last area to visit was the kid section, which was quite impressive! Here is a few pics! My time was running out, so with that I had to bid the County Fair of my childhood Adieu, and head back to the OC. In all FAIRness (hee hee) it was a great day, with very little to call Ghetto. Even though it didn't have many intense crazy flat rides and coasters, it was clean, safe, and had some pretty cool things to do! If you ever have the chance to visit this fair, I strongly recommend it. Y'ALL COME BACK NOW YA HEAR!?
  22. OH MY SUSHI! I am laughing my ass off! Seriously! I am going to keep my mouth shut! I will not participate in this conversation other than saying that I miss you guys, hope you are having fun, and USE CHOPSTICKS!!!! chuck "scheduling my next haircut" garcia
  23. BAHHHH-HAHAHAHAHA! I had forgotten that I had taken that picture with my towel on my head! Thanks for posting that! I heart you T! chuck "Workin' it Island Style" garcia
  24. Those few moments in the station, felt like minutes, and I swear to Buddha, I had the BIGGEST panic attack in my life! I honestly began to hyperventilate trying to fasten my seatbelt...NO JOKE AT ALL! It was so intense...thank goodness, Robb said "CALM DOWN!" I was about to give up! Chris is right though...the moment my seatbelt fastened, and everyone in the station cheered, the trip was 10 times better. I am now on the Dr. Robb Alvey's SEX and WATER diet. It has worked miracles! chuck "MILF FATTY" garcia
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