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  1. Wow! 15 yrs went by so fast! Looks great! Hope u guys are all doing well.
  2. You know, Texas, I hate to admit it, but those were some of the best pictures I've ever seen! Good job, Bro! It also didn't hurt that most of them were of "Alice"... Very impressive photography. It's so hard to really capture night shots and do justice to the event.
  3. OMG Renee! That video was hilarious! Just so everyone knows, Renee is a screamer. She was not embellishing at all! So funny!
  4. Great report, Joey! Man I miss Knoebels! Going back next summer for sure.
  5. Hey! There's Dave with the goatee, our RIP guide from last year! Texas, did you talk to him? Did he remember you? And your bowel issues...? Hahaha! Just messin'. Love ya, Texas!
  6. Bridge??? I see no bridge... Thx for taking my advice...!
  7. Did anyone else catch when Adam entered the house he said he, "just got backdoored...!" That was my favorite part!! LOL!
  8. Nobody mentioned if there was a "barker" this year... My favorite was when the Wicked Witch of the West was on top of her tower talking to ppl and making funny jokes at ppl's expense!
  9. Hey Adam, Are those chimneys suppose to be curvy? An if so, why? I'm a big HP fan, and I don't really remember that. Also, does anyone know what's happening with the talking fountain? Is it going to stay and be HP themed, too?
  10. Just finished reading the rest of this PTR...wow! Still seems like it was yesterday, and it's going on 3 yrs ago! Can't wait to see the DVD.
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