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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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Tony posted a new blog post yesterday all about the progress so far on Rougarou.




Short summary:

  • Rougarou still has a ways to go before testing can begin.
  • They're completely re-wiring the ride via their own internal electrician team; usually is standard for upgrading a PLC system like this, less issues.
  • 2 of the 3 trains are there, #3 has yet to arrive.


My guess, we won't be seeing testing done until early April, since they're still working on the wiring at this point. Not surprised though, since it's harder to re-wire something that's already been standing for nearly 20 years versus wiring something for new construction. Can run into a few surprises such as broken conduits.

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At first I wasn't too excited about the idea of a dive machine, but assuming the proposal from the news paper is true, I definitely am very excited! Just for fun I drew up (on paint) a fake layout.



Basically in my renderings the theater and both car rides are removed (Dorney Park gets the old car rides of course.) Calypso is relocated to make room for the coaster's queue and station. It is relocated to where the skyride plaza and marina entrance meet up. The area around the queue and station is remodeled in ordinary CF style, which includes fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo, gift shop, and a food stand.


The coaster departs the station and makes a 180 degree turn to the right. It then climbs the 233' lift hill at as steep angle. Once to the top it then makes a turn to the right where a holding break teases rides looking straight down into a tunnel which travels under the marina entrance. The coaster reaches its top speed of 80mph right before flying through a large immelman loop. Next, the train soars back down towards the ground right before entering a 360 degree overbanked turn (similar to Sheikra.) From there you now enter the midcourse brakes. Next is a second 90 degree drop the dives under a splash pool which teases the riders into thinking they're going under water. After the tunnel you encounter a second inversion this time a diving loop. After that the track twists its way through an overbanked turn to the left which ends up flipping riders upside down and then through a downwards spiral to the right. The rides grand finale is speeding through a splash pond where onlookers get the chance to interact with the ride by getting soaked by the trains massive splash. After that the train heavily banks and turns to the left low to the ground. Next are a few airtime hills with slight banking right before entering the final brakerun.


I like how in this layout the entrance is right next to Blue Streak. The wooden coaster needs a little more love and will definitely bring the crowds back in that section of the park.

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If they're starting 2016 construction already, this is awfully early. Although, this might not be related to 2016 at all since we know that Tony Clark loves teasing enthusiasts.


The park constructed footers for Top Thrill Dragster before the 2002 season and started vertical construction in the fall. Cedar Fair tends to start really early on their projects and get much of the structure done before the harsh winter arrives. This is also done to get the ride tested in March and have it ready before opening day.

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Whoever they had do the design did a great job. I really like the airy and modern feel to all the rooms. Massive upgrade to what they used to have.


I'm really curious as to why a "presidential suite" has a suspended tile ceiling in it, though. Ouch. I'm hoping there is a ton of items above it that need regular access. Otherwise, they should've used drywall.

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