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  1. Hello friends!! Need some advice... Thinking of making a stop at CP tomorrow on my way to Cleveland to visit some friends. Weather is looking awful though ugh! Like 80 percent chance of rain... Should I risk it and go ya guys think? I hate to buy a ticket and not be able to ride rides because of the weather.
  2. Anyone else notice CP has been very quiet this summer as far as attendance? Seems unusual especially for a new record breaking coaster.
  3. Saw on PB there will be new campsites going where Sandcastle was... Opening in mid June. Ultimate Patio Lake-View Back-In Site Concrete site - 70 ft long x 12 ft wide Electric hook-up Water hook-up Sewer hook-up Cable hook-up Expanded Private Patio Seating Area with Dining Table and 6 Chairs Built-in Charcoal Grill Wood-Burning Fire Pit Surrounded by 4 Adirondack Chairs 2 Person Glider Swing Offering Lake View Free WiFi Access Pets are welcome Tent Camping is Not Permitted Lighthouse Point offers shower/restroom and laundry facilities, a supply store and a swimming pool/hot tub (available May-Labor Day) Requests are noted but cannot be guaranteed
  4. Lots of closings at the park today due to weather! Mine Ride valleyed with riders!
  5. Supposed to go to CP this Thursday... Weather is showing 90 percent chance of storms. Ugh!
  6. Lol no way! BS is a classic. Doubt it will go anywhere anytime soon...
  7. What does everyone see for the future of the leftover plot of land of Shoot the Rapids? A new woodie? CP could certainly use one as all they have is Blue Streak! Or maybe a flume that doesn't get you drenched? Novel idea!
  8. How have the security checkpoints been? Hopefully quick and smooth...
  9. Looks like there was another water main problem yesterday. Thank God for the new water tower!
  10. Have Thunder Canyon and Snake River Falls opened for the season? Also, anyone else see this? Why must people act like this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sb78mBRXE8
  11. What's the status on the Frontier Fling? Do you enter the ride through the STR station or how does it work?
  12. It's across from Planet Snoopy where the Joe Cool Cafe was. I believe Melt is not supposed to open for another couple weeks...
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