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  1. Awesome job really coming together on the vid I watched. The parks boss said they have 100 undeveloped acres. Sounds like they have big or should i say HUGE plans! I think a return trip to Atlanta is going to be needed. As 3 weeks is not enough time to finish this beauty. Stu
  2. Looking at photos of construction site its going up pretty fast. lots of structure and track also on site. Place your bets will it be open when I'm there on the 4th June? personally its almost to close to call but RMC don't tend to take much time once ground work is complete. Stu K
  3. Got to say I have every hotels own app to save points on every stay. Been in the UK I have virgin Atlantic and Tesco credit card and collect airmiles. Just got Atlanta from UK for £196! You can also get miles and perks with car companies and Hertz you get hertz and virgin miles! Also plan early we got Sea World season passes. We only going for 1 day but was cheaper with parking taken into account. Stu K
  4. Thanks for tips regarding traffic guys we land Thursday and planning six flags Friday and fun spot / Noah's ark the Saturday before flying to Cedar point Sunday. Don Atlanta a few years ago and did hit bad traffic one day even worse than LA for us lol. Stu
  5. hi guys May would be great as just rescheduled my 2020 road trip for the 3rd time lol. Atlanta is now the hub airport for fun spot and Six flags. has any work started on this yet? Stu K
  6. Excited never been to the park and not done Texas since 1995 ! Supposed to come 20 then 21 (stupid covid) .could actually be good as this looks to be a major ride. wheres the smart money on what are they lacking ride wise ? love the axis coaster idea! Stu K
  7. remember when holiday world surprised us by building the 1st launched b and m wing coaster? Well what if the challenging location is actually still woodland and this will connect the 2 sections of the park to form a loop. would expect some ground works to start soon. where ever they are going. Stu K
  8. Love the roof top terrace, but I'm scared the party bus looks a bit similar to the skull island jeep is this a similar ride? Stu
  9. looks amazing ! No one else mentioned the HUGE (sorry fun spot) lake . Do we think possibly a night time show for the studios? Stu K
  10. Hi guys has anyone done Busch Gardens in New Years Eve ? Is it really busy ? What’s the vibes like is it a similar atmosphere to hallowscream? With DJs and extra food and beer? Thanks as always for your help. Stu
  11. Got to say all the promo things looked ok but the scale of this ride as it go's vertical is astonishing. looks so much better in real life so to speak. Thanks for sharing! stu K
  12. Of course lol. Juno , kechican , Skagway and Victoria . Sorry not RCI Ruby princess lol! Thanks Stu k
  13. Ok my coaster and beer nurds. You did me proud last time and thanks again. This trip is Seattle and Alaska ! Best local brews and bars I should look for ? Seattle we are only there one night and down town area no time to go to far. Thanks in advance. Stu k
  14. Just leaving Memphis had the sweet water and lots of the others . Thanks again for all the tips Regards Stu
  15. Just another BIG thank you to every one I'm getting thirsty just reading the thread will see what close to where we are staying bar wise and now have some beers to look out for. Not sure if its allowed but if its (admin please confirm) I will share my face book page so you can follow the beer trip lol. Thanks again Stu
  16. I'm a bit like that try any thing once lol fruit normally puts me off but had a killer blood orang IPA and a lime and coconut one lol. Some tio names on these list some I have had and some I have not lol. Beer to get untapped I did have a play with it. 300 pretty good lost count but would be a good way to keep track. Keep an eye for PuNk IPA a scotish company set up in Ohio with beer hotel coming soon! Stu
  17. Thanks for tips guys I knew there would be some brews I had never had out there . Good ol boys made me think of the good ol boys brew house we found just south of Michigans Adventure ! Stu k
  18. Thanks Robb I did not want to hijack the theme park. It lol! Roller coasters , cruise ships , donkey and beer lol. Stu
  19. Hi everyone. Heading stateside in 10 sleeps my route is set park wise.But any tips for local Beers of Awesome brews I may find along the way. Starting Atlanta then New Orleans Via Alabama splash , Up to Memphis , Nashville/ beach bend , dolly wood , Carrowinds and back to Atlanta. Thanks in advance for any beer related tips. Stu K
  20. I also love the theming and that double drop with a corner looks very interesting! This is going to be a park to watch wonder what the steel coaster will bring? Stu K
  21. Wow that's cool I knew some one would know ! Zumajaro I guess is just the one ride! Stu k
  22. Hi guys I'm after some help/advice. coming to the park 26th and 27th of August noticed there is a concert on the 27th so sprung for the Platinum fast pass as it covers most of the BIg stuff. It mentions a stay in seat re ride on select rides but dose not say which ones anyone know what rides you get this on? looked all over sixflags web site and nothing. Thanks inadvance Stu K
  23. One very excited person here well done Alton at last! Is it to soon if its pirate themed to call Cannon Ball? Stu K
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