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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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^Thank you! It was hard work being a Blue Streak guy, but very rewarding. Completely manual operation. However popular the ride is now, it was so much better and popular back then... the changes made to the trains have completely changed the feel of the ride. Many a fan who "grew up" on the ride through the 80s can easily see it's not the same. Of course, they could always retrofit. It was a nearly perfect out and back woodie. Designed so well, it hardly ever needed new track - so smooth! We were expected to do 1,250 an hour, I think they do between 600-700 these days with all the "gear" that has been added. Not to mention air gates, and a ridiculous load/check routine (still light years better than most Six Flags parks, ugh!)



^Very cool! If I wasn't strapped for cash right now, I'd consider bidding, but I'll leave it to the fanboys. Why are you getting rid of it all?

I'm passing this stuff on because I have so much and it sits in boxes for years, or decades! I look at it once in a while, then store it away again. Much of it should be archived and displayed somewhere, something I'm not up to at the moment. Years ago, I threw away probably what would amount to a couple more boxes of stuff. Oh well! Live and learn. All those different colors of employee sweatshirts... they were donated so they probably brought someone happiness!


I'm keeping only my very favorite items. The original Blue Streak 1992 crew shirt was done by a friend who died much too early and unexpectedly in 2000. He was only 29. The hand made prototype he did and his personal shirt have gone down south to be with his parents. My crew shirt that is part of the auction was offered up to a somewhat important person at the Point, but I never heard back from them. They probably already have one stored away... well, I hope they do!

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1992 was the year my wife and I rode Blue Streak 24 times in one hour. It was in May and the only other people riding it were Cedar Point workers. We would take turns riding the front and back seats. Get off and then get back on the same train we just got off of. I think that may have been the first year they put the seat belts on it but no one was wearing them. I don't ever remember it being rough until the trains were changed out. Hate the new trains after riding the original trains with just the buzz bars. I've been riding Blue Streak since 1965, the first year my brother dragged me on! I was 7 years old and it scared the crapped out of me. My brother dragged me on again and since then I've been hooked on roller coasters.



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^I was probably working that day! Slow days before school lets out .. thank you for sharing that awesome memory!


As far as the seatbelts go... in 1992 we would announce "The seatbelts are optional you do not have to wear them." The very next year, 1993, we were no longer allowed to say that.

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On Cedar Point's website it states that SteVen will be the sixth roller coaster to exceed 200 feet in the park. I can only think of five including SteVen. Typo? Click Here


Wicked Twister






It seems like very frequently people forget that Wicked Twister is over 200ft. (I know I've made that mistake before!)

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Cedar Point is in first place with 6 roller coasters over 200 feet, while there's a many way tie for second, each having two.


That's a pretty good lineup if I said so.


That's pretty amazing. I never thought of that.


And SF says Magic Mountain is the "undisputed Thrill Capital of the World”

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Cedar Point is in first place with 6 roller coasters over 200 feet, while there's a many way tie for second, each having two.


That's a pretty good lineup if I said so.


That's pretty amazing. I never thought of that.


And SF says Magic Mountain is the "undisputed Thrill Capital of the World”


And they don't even have a giant circle?

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So yesterday was a Steel Vengeance behind the scenes tour for ride warrior club members. If you don't know, ride warrior club is Cedar Point's exclusive coaster club.


Tony took us around the infield of the ride for some great pictures.


Couple things Tony mentioned:

-The queue line will mostly take up the area surrounding the haunt building (which I believe is coming back next year if I heard him right) then use up the same walkway under the ride that approached the steps.

-Bunny hills should be completed this week.

-Track work should finish up by the end of the operating season. The hill will be completed once they get a crane big enough on sight.


Thanks Tony and the CP crew for putting this together!





































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I'm wondering if noted superfan "Mean Streak" Henry will be on the first Steel Vengeance train when it opens . . . . ..


I don't know if he will but one of my friends spoke to him yesterday and apparently Henry thinks he won't like the ride.


Maybe he will become Blue Streak Henry?

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A bit of a rough day at the park today; I waited about 35 minutes for Blue Steak after 1p! -- Parking lot didn't seem insanely busy like the photos I saw from yesterday, but it appears Dragster and Raptor closed sometime within the first hour of the park opening and never reopened while I was there (I only saw them testing have no idea if people actually got on both of them or not), and MF was running two trains and appeared to have all kinds of problems throughout the day. At least every time I walked by. Skyride was closed, sorry Bill.


The line for gatekeeper even at 2p was pretty long by my standards; Magnum, Rougarou, all had decent enough waits for what would be an 8pm close/expected crowd level. I would have normally attributed a Labor Day Monday crowd to a beginning of the season Sunday crowd, and that may have actually been the case had all the rides been running, who knows. I don't visit this park in the middle of Summer so I can't really say what's good or bad.


Power Tower had a vehicle "stuck" with riders about 1/4-1/2 of the way up the tower for quite a while I've never seen that on an s&s tower before. Had to leave early but I didn't get on a whole lot.


During early entry I hit up Valravn and hit Maverick with only a 15 min wait at about 1030. Did Blue Steak and Gatekeeper and Rougarou. Got a few rides in but not the best day ever since I missed a bunch of the big rides. Unfortunately I couldn't stay past 2p. Oh well, I'll be back in two weeks for the first Sunday of Haunt and I'm sure things will be much better!


EDIT: food trucks!! I almost forgot! Got the pineapple burger from the fire truck place (it was ok but not Earth shattering) and the nacho and chorizo SHREDDERZ thing which was REALLY good!



Too much chorizo

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Power Tower had a vehicle "stuck" with riders about 1/4-1/2 of the way up the tower for quite a while I've never seen that on an s&s tower before. Had to leave early but I didn't get on a whole lot.


If CP operates their tower in a similar manner to Valleyfair, I see 2 explanations:

-If loaded: An idiot ride op hit the e-stop button.

-If unloaded: it was in maintenance mode and was being worked on.

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