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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

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Check out this amazing photo compliments of Dave Morgan!! 

I feel bad because this is all I post about lately but no... if a park has the ability to open and there's demand and they choose to stay closed then they're dumb. Period. Be creative and figure it ou

Did they happen to mention how heavy that train is?

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A word of caution though, when we left the point on saturday around 11 am, traffic was backed up to the end of the causeway at the mainland. It was super jam packed. During the week is the time to go.

Thanks for the info! We'll arrive at Breakers on Sunday night, visit the park Monday and Tuesday, and then leave Tuesday evening. Although we won't get the 10 O'clock closing times, I'm still super excited!!

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Cool, I can put my knowledge of metal bands to use.


I'm gonna suggest any of the songs from the group "Týr"; not only are the Faroese (which though those islands are self governing they are part of the Danish Kingdom so they technically are Danish) but the lyrics are almost entirely about Norse mythology. If I have to suggest one song from them, though, it would probably be "Evening Star":

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