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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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Here we have it! Theming for Valravn!!! It be be themed to a castle, as it is concsidered the "King of Coasters"




^^that would be evil but yet awesome!! If you would like a guest I'll join! As the Penguins of Madagascar always say, smile and wave boys, smile and smile!!

Obviously it's just a coincidence but it's interesting that "King of Coasters" is exactly the same tag line that was used to market Kingda Ka.

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This was on the construction blog (that i'm surprised they haven't really used at all...)


Speak of the devil and he shall arrive, it's like they read these things or something


Things are kicking into high gear and progress on Valravn will be moving faster than ever.


Our steel erectors just installed the top section of the Immelmann maneuver, which is a climb into the sky, a flip upside-down, and then a turn back in the direction from which you came. This is now the second-tallest inversion in the world (the highest is on GateKeeper, our wing coaster at the front of the park).


We’ll be moving forward with track in the direction of travel, so the next interesting install will be the block brake section. There are some highly-angled support columns that have to be delicately placed to support the track, which runs right under the first drop. The block brake serves two purposes: it allows multi-train operation by stopping a train there if the train in front of it has not cleared the next section of track – it will also stop a train on the lift if a train is present in the block brake; and it slows the momentum of the train so it can make that second dive at a safe speed.


Elsewhere, we’ve received station steel, and crews are welding the framework together. The station is going to be much smaller than most of our stations at the park. But that’s also to accommodate the short, but wide, three-row trains. Once they finish the frame, you’ll really be able to visualize how it will look when complete.


We’re also starting the Valravn ride photo and souvenir building. The foundation is in place and we’ll see that come to life very shortly.


You can catch all the latest construction photos by visiting the Valravn construction gallery on the site.


No sign of the trains yet, but we expect the first train to arrive in the coming weeks.


Thanks for reading, and as always, keep an eye on the Valravn webcam to see video of our massive dive machine rise, live as its happening.


- Adam Pooch, Project Manager



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Here is a current animation of the construction progress so far:



This is super cool. Thanks for posting it, are you planning on keeping up with it?


Your gif is pretty cool. I've never seen that done for a roller coaster before. I think that it was a very wise market strategy to let the coaster boys watch the ride go up. I was luke warm on the ride but watching it go up is really hyping me up.

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I wonder if Cedar Point will install those nets under the track that passes over pathways?


Tough to say. Silver Bullet at Knott's travels directly over pathways at several points and there are no nets after 11 years of operation. It's definitely possible, especially after the Raptor incident (if that would have any effect on their decision).


Thanks to all who are posting the construction updates, especially that gif. I'm really liking the colors...very unique for a coaster.

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I wonder if Cedar Point will install those nets under the track that passes over pathways?


I think that'd be quite likely the case.

I wouldn't be so quick to think that. Carowinds installed NO nets whatsoever with Fury 325 as well as there are none on Banshee. It seems cedar fair's lawyers and insurance company may have come to a conclusion that such things aren't really that necessary.

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