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  1. ^That’s interesting to hear, actually. Also, I found a couple more good pics courtesy of the Daily Herald (local newspaper)
  2. I guess this is as close to Dodonpa as we'll ever get in the US! I'll take it. My thoughts exactly. This thing looks crazy fun!
  3. Awesome report man. It's great to see someone else sharing the Viper love. Especially if you sit towards the rear of the train, both the double down and that final airtime hill are ridiculous!
  4. Not gonna lie...it looks pretty badass to me, and I kinda like how loud it is too. I would LOVE to see a traveling fair version of this someday!
  5. ^^This entire coaster looks incredible, but that first airtime hill....my God.
  6. This thing just continues to look more and more ridiculous, in the best way possible.
  7. ^^^I really like that sign as well. Loving the purple color too.
  8. Another thing to note...all the signage all around the Pictorium site is really heavy on the “Big Thrills Coming Soon” advertising. Let the speculation begin.
  9. At the park now. I assure you, Mardi Gras Hangover is absolutely massive in person!
  10. That lighting looks so good! Should make for a very cool night ride experience.
  11. Very cool to see. Just watched a test run on Millie and it was crawling over that second airtime hill lol. Fun to watch though.
  12. I’ve been waiting years for them to do this, and I couldn’t be more excited.
  13. It could just be the perspective with those cars sitting in front. If you look at the one car already sitting on the bottom of the ride, it actually looks pretty massive. To me, anyways.
  14. I've stayed at the Knights Inn probably 3 times in the past, and it's always been enjoyable. Perfect for all you need after a 12+ hour day at the park. Clean and comfy enough with a friendly staff. 24 hour check-in is also a huge plus.
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