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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 1989: Wicked Twister's permanent closure announced!

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Only been to CP once and rode it twice. I wasn't blown away but it looks like it is more beloved that I thought. lol.

Opened as the tallest and fastest in the world. And it can accommodate more types of people than a eurofighter ever would. Sure it's a hypothetical, but that is not a ride leaving anytime soon. Cedar Point wants families. Families spend more money.

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Yeah, I'm going to have to disagree with you on this.


I'm sure a lot of people would be upset if Gemeni was removed... Not enthusiasts, but families with kids as its a fun, family friendly ride and the racing aspect makes it stand out from the other coasters in the park. Rides like Iron Dragon, Gemeni, Blue Streak and Mine Ride serve an important purpose in the park. The park needs to have something to offer people who have graduated from small kids rides but aren't ready for looping coasters and hyper coasters yet. With the other additions they recently made to the Gemeni midway they've done a great job making that area of the park cater to this crowd. I think replacing it would be a mistake, especially with another inverting coaster.


Plus 1.3 million riders is a crap ton of riders, especially when you consider the fact that it's not on early entry and doesn't race when it's not the peak summer season or a busy weekend. The short lines have a lot to do with the ride's insane capacity.


Seriously why would anyone want to get rid of Gemeni? Is there anyone on earth that doesn't enjoy that ride?


I adore Gemini. It's definitely one of my faves at CP, because even thought it's not that intense, there's just something about racing coasters that is fun and thrilling.

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Mystery Mine is flawless... That being said it wouldn't for Cedar Point at all. It's a low capacity ride and the thing that makes it awesome is the theming which Cedar Fair wouldn't maintain.


If they were adding a Eurofighter (doubtful) that wouldn't need to remove anything large to make room, that's the entire point of a Eurofighter.


I would think the next coaster on the chopping block would have to be Mean Streak, I don't dislike the ride but an RMC or even a large B&M would be a big upgrade. The only other coaster I could see going anywhere is Mine Ride but if they remove it they should replace it with a family coaster. If they ever removed Gemeni though I would be legitimately pissed off, regardless of what they replaced it with (simply because no matter what they add they could be creative and add it without removing anything).

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Let me get in on this Gemini love fest. Fun ride with a quick-moving line, a great first drop, and a real racing dynamic, where one train inches out in front, and then the other and then the other. In my heart it's a woodie, I know it's not really but to me it's an honorary woodie, and therefor an important part of the line up. I would be very sad to ever see it go.

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Valravn looks awesome but I can't get over Raptor's new paint. It looks awesome, I really hope they get rid of those awful orange lights and use the same kind Gatekeeper has, then that Midway would just look insane at night.


They put a lighting package similar to Fury 325 I believe. I remember people calling Raptor's lift hill a green lightsaber It'll definitely stand out more and I think it'll look great.

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More progress. Look like they were going to try to get at least one more piece up today, but didn't have the angles right. We'll likely see the turn into the MCBR finished either tomorrow or the day after.


Construction Progress as of January 25, 2016

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I'll chime in for Gemini too. That is one GREAT coaster, especially when it's racing! It's one of the few rides where I think the trims make it better. Actually, I think EVERY coaster at the park now has a very important place, and should either stay, or at best be modified/replaced with a similar ride. There's some coasters that I think are all but "off limits" to remove (though of course they might be some day), some that REALLY should stay no matter what, and some that could use tweaking or replacing, but only with a very similar ride since the spread is pretty great now.


What I think should be "off limits."

Cedar Creek Mine Ride - Classic coaster, and a part of history at this point. Also, I can't think of many things that could replace it effectively (except, like, another mine coaster... so why bother if it's still working?)

Gemini - Another classic, and was a record holder at open. This is the closest the park has to a truly great wooden coaster. Racing coasters are also real winners with the GP.

Magnum - First coaster over 200 ft. It's a landmark. Also, with the seatbelts, it's not as rough anymore, and it has SERIOUS ejector airtime, one of the best hypers in the world.

Millennium Force - First over 300 ft, so also a landmark. Also, it's just an awesome ride.

TTD - First over 400 ft, so yet another landmark. Not my favorite ride as it's more of a gimmick imo, but no denying it's a big deal.

Wilderness Run - classic kiddy coaster. What would they honestly replace it with other than another kiddy coaster? (I mean, they do have woodstock express, but the kiddos should have options too!)


What I think would be a damn shame to see gone

Blue Streak - Classic older coaster. There are a minority of enthusiasts who think this is rough. I don't think it is, and also it's a wooden coaster.

Gate Keeper - Lets be honest, while not historic, it's not going anywhere.

Iron Dragon - This is a great "first big coaster" for people. It should stay, or at best be replaced with a similar family style coaster. The reason many Arrow suspended coasters get removed is because they're self destructive, but Iron Dragon is a lot tamer than rides like BBW or EF were, so the maintenance likely isn't as bad.

Maverick - Same as gatekeeper. Also, this is one of those "high thrill" rides that people need to work up to.

Raptor - Same. (Also, one of my favorite suspended of all time from back when B&Ms had balls).

Rougarou - I never minded Mantis. Actually, I sorta liked it. I like Rougarou even more. I am not a fan of the new-wave force-less B&Ms. I especially love the second half of this ride now that it's floorless (especially in the back!)

Valrvn - Lol, not even done yet so of course it shouldn't go anywhere.

Woodstock Express - As I said above, while this one is not a "classic" the same way Wilderness is, the kids should have options too!


What I think should only be replaced or redone carefully to fill the same niche.

Corkscrew - I don't think this should go at all (especially since I'm fairly certain it was the first coaster with three loops), but I know some people don't like Arrows. I think this is a pretty tame Arrow as they come, but more importantly, this is the "good first looper" for the park. If they put new trains on that did away with the "Arrow Slam," that would be great. Also, if they do ever pull it out, they need to replace it with a not so tall coaster with only a few loops. If it goes, the "my first looping coaster" at the park would need to be one of the B&Ms or Maverick... hardly good "warm up to loops" coasters.

Mean Streak - Ok, I really don't like this ride. You get to be rough but fun or smooth but forceless. Rough yet forceless shouldn't exist, and yet here it stands. I don't think it should be scrapped, because the park lacks for good wooden coasters. I think it should be re-tracked, or replaced with an Intamin woodie. As much as I would love to see it get the RMC treatment as an enthusiast, replacing it with another major woodie would be better for their lineup. RMC really isn't "wood" anymore in the true sense.

Wicked Twister - While again not the most thrilling of rides, this is another one where certain people will get on it but don't want to go on rides that go upside down. I personally don't understand that logic, but there's a lot of them in the GP. If they took this out, it should be replaced with a non-inverting launch coaster a la Verbolten.

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Great point, removing Wicked Twister would free up boat loats of room. I'm sure removing that would absolutely allow them to replace it with "a non-inverting launch coaster a la Verbolten".


Also there's no chance in hell they're removing Wicked Twister any time soon. If they wanted that they would just build it because they have plenty of room, if they wanted to remove a coaster to free up space why would they remove the coaster that takes up less space than any adult coaster in the park? Especially a thrilling, 200+ foot coaster that's barely over 10 years old? lol

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I too am a fan of Gemini. One of the smoothest Arrows out there and has some nice airtime pops. If it was removed, I would be a bit disappointed but I wouldn't be devastated. I would much rather see them remove Mean Streak, Iron Dragon, or Corkscrew.

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Gemini was a good coaster. I only rode it at the last second just to get the credit before heading home. It was a good ride, i enjoyed it. It could use a little refurb, but not for it to go bye bye.


Cedar Creek Mine Train was awesome. I would hate from them to get rid of that.


Any news if the boat is okay?

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Corkscrew, or Mean Streak will be the next coasters to go. Iron Dragon is not that great but its a favorite among younger guests and still gets decent ridership. Although with the location of Corkscrew I'm not really sure what they would replace it with. The double arches are just so iconic and awesome to me it doesn't really matter than the ride is awful.

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Team Gemini here. Total surprise and rate it highly. Great little coaster, especially when racing. The mine train is completely forgettable. Maybe that's because it was one of the last things we did all weekend or that I barely fit but that's some nice real estate they could use for something new. Historical significance or not, Corkscrew is a travesty.

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Especially a thrilling, 200+ foot coaster that's barely over 10 years old? lol


When it comes to the new regime I wouldn't be surprised if a ride is taken out that is relatively new. WT wouldn't be the first Intamin ride built stateside that didn't have a long life. I'm not saying it will go, I'm just saying don't be surprised if it left before some older rides went.


I would be all for Corkscrew to be removed, to me, it's a waste of space. I know it "serves a purpose" as being a intro to looping coasters coaster, but I feel that's how enthusiasts look at things. Not park management. I would love to see a nice compact looper take its spot, something like Impulse at Knoebels. Add a 3rd row to the trains, give it the ability to run 4 or 5 units to increase capacity, double load station. It could work, and would probably have a better output then Maverick.

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