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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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Why would this need nets? Gatekeeper's entire queue is under the lift...


The train is not traveling fast enough on the lift hill for nets to be necessary.



...and immelman and not nets in sight.


The queue line doesn't actually go under the Immelman... so no nets needed there.


Actually, the immelman does go over part of it. But anyway if something were to fall off it'd fly into the queue area. Also, it doesn't matter how fast the trains going, its 170 feet up its going to be going pretty fast by the time it hits the ground.

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It was a nice day by Northern Ohio standards and I was bored so I took the hour ride up to Sandusky to see Valravn for myself from the mainland. Taking Route 6 into town you can't miss the ride from the former airport - it's darker color really stands out though from that vantage point it doesn't make as strong of an impact on the skyline, IMO. From the park next to the marina on Water Street Valravn does fill in the skyline nicely. I took a few photos, which wasn't easy to do as it was quite blustery on the lakefront, making it a fight to stand still long enough to get them.


The webcams are much better at showing the construction but here it is from the mainland.


Valravn and Gatekeeper - now bookends on the front half of the park.


The main part of the CP skyline. Valravn fits in perfectly.

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Those photos look great! Which gave me an idea...Here is an interesting thought. I think it would be a grave improvement if they replaced their Ferris Wheel with one similar to that one on I-Drive in Orlando. Something that gives an even better view and it is a different type of addition.

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