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Best Drops....

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Steel: Diamondback when I get a good ride op who lets me keep my lap thingy really loose I really want to get to KD and ride Intimidator 305 though... that one looks amazing. I love SheiKra's drop too, especially hanging off the edge for a bit.


Wood: I don't normally pay that much attention to drops on a woodie for some reason... I can't help but love the way you gain speed going down the second lift hill on The Beast though. It feels so unrestrained and awesome

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Could've sworn I posted in here before but...


X2 in the back, with the insane flip at the bottom.

Expedition GeForce, in the front actually, I love staring down it.

Ravine Flyer II, built up on the hill, overlooking Lake Erie. It's another great twisting drop to look down.

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As an A. Schwarzkopf-Fan, well you can (almost) imagine...


*First-Drop(s)* from:


- Triple-Loop "Mindbender" @ WEM, Edmonton

- Quadruple-Loop (from showman Oscar Bruch sr. / 1986 - 1997) "Thriller"

- Triple-Loop (from showman Rudolf Barth sr. / 1984 -1996) "Dreier Looping"

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The first time I rode El Toro and Skull Mountain (in 2006) was crazy. Both were in the back row, and I had no idea about what either coaster had to offer. As far as being taken by surprise, those two are definitely in my top first drops.


I also love the first drops on Magnum, Maverick, Hades, Manta (I don't think anyone has mentioned Manta yet), and as much as I hate to say it, Millennium Force. Of course all of these would have to be ridden in the back seat for full effect.

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^ Agreed. Rode it twice yesterday in that row and I was pretty surprised at the airtime I got on the second vertical drop!


I personally love Cheetah Hunt's drop from the tower, you get some good floater air on it! And the parabola hill always gets the most screams from the GP

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^^I'm curious about double downs in general. For all the talk about them, there don't really seem to be that many around. Coaster Thrill Ride at the Puyallup Fair has a double down first drop, but if I'm remembering it correctly, there is either little or no airtime at that point (it makes up for that later).

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