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  1. So I always hear about this duel between Outlaw Run and El Toro on which one is the better coaster, and I just want to ask which one you find more likable. Please don't answer this if you haven't ridden one of the coasters, as that wouldn't be fair to vote for the one you have ridden without trying the other beforehand. I apologize if there is already a thread like this or if it is irrelevant. I'd like to hear others opinions, though.
  2. This is still one of my favorite projects on the forums at the moment! It's crazy how realistic you can make everything. Great work, CD5!
  3. Well the entrance is definitely accurate! Excellent job with the planters as well.
  4. I don't get how this hasn't gotten any comments.. you clearly deserve more. This is looking nice so far Griffon!
  5. Hopefully I'll be able to participate in Coasting For Kids at Worlds of Fun depending on when I get back from vacation! It'll be an awesome experience for sure.
  6. Gatekeeper looks awesome going through that element! I must have a POV.
  7. I think I see them. I have to agree and say that Outlaw Run is now my favorite woodie as well! The layout was superb and the double barrel rolls provided the best hangtime I've ever experienced on a coaster. Excellent report Chad!
  8. Getting stoked for Outlaw Run! I'm going to be there on opening day. This'll be the time to try out my camera and hopefully get some raw footage up from the coaster, but it might be challenging because all of the dense foliage. Will anybody else be there?
  9. I love the scenery around the waterfall! Excellent detail on that. So far this whole park looks great. Nice work, RCT2day!
  10. Well saying they aren't going to be a bargain, I don't know if you should/can record. They definitely aren't going to be cheap, so it would be a bummer to have these fall off on a coaster and break.
  11. I actually think they look a lot better than Outlaw Run's trains. They're much more sleek and I'm loving the pattern on the side.
  12. My Instagram is sambrwn52. Follow me!
  13. SFOT - Just an amazing site arriving from the highway. The park is so big, which makes the skyline seem huge. CP - It's gotta be on there! Elitch Gardens - Surprisingly, I was impressed by the skyline. It's surrounded by huge buildings in Downtown Denver which makes it even cooler. Knotts - Although I've never been there, I've always loved the way the streets go around the park. It makes the park seem landlocked, so the skyline is just kind of "there".
  14. Thunderation at Silver Dollar City. I think I first rode it in 2003 or 2004. I remember on my first ride I was screaming and wiggling around to get off. That must have been embarrassing.
  15. Such a shame to see you go. This park is fantastic, so I wish you could keep updating it. It is by far the best NCS park I have seen in my whole time in the community. Something about it has a charming feel, and I loved each and every update. Hopefully we'll see another project by you sometime in the future.
  16. I love the looks of it! The only crit I have is maybe making the supports a little more dense and add a couple more angles. They look a bit too simple at the moment. But yeah, it looks neat AJ.
  17. If this thread is gone, are you still going to be doing trip reports and such or are you just ending it? It was a fantastic report anyway, Chad! Your pictures have always amazed me, as well as the witty descriptions. I hope to see more PTRs from you in the future as well!
  18. I'm surprised they haven't started tearing some of the buildings down yet. Especially the entrance, because that's getting a total remake. Oh well, they still have four or so months.
  19. I really enjoyed scrolling through these pictures! Most of them were breathtaking, and I especially liked the Windseeker and Millennium Force ones. It seems you had a great time, which is good!
  20. Yes! Glad to see this back Brody. I've always been a fan of this project.
  21. Most likely a coaster in Florida! I'm looking forward to going this March.
  22. Definitely a fan of those twisty water slides! The glass boarding platform isn't half bad as well. I would love to see another update of this for sure, because it looks fun so far!
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