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Best First Drop on a Wooden Coaster? Which one do you think?

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My favorites are...


1. American Eagle - It seems like it takes forever to get down but it feels much steeper than it actually is.

2. The Boss - I love the first drop followed by another small dip that transitions into a turn.

3. HellCat - Doesn't last long but sitting in the back row literally takes your breath away.


It's not the first drop, in fact it's towards the end of the ride but Cyclops' famous airtime drop at Mt. Olympus is crazy!

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^American Eagle heck yeah. It's not aggressive, just very gradual and "epic" feeling. It's not over quickly like most first drops.


I would say even the first drop on Cyclops is kick butt... but not compared to what's coming a few seconds later! I really like the first drop on Legend, maybe it's the howling and recording that make it a little more special.

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I have to give it to the Coney Island Cyclone. In the back seat, that drop was flat out frightening and intense. With just the lap bar restraint, I got massive ejector air and the drop felt really fast and forceful. Second place goes to El Toro.

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Sorry, haven't rode El Toro yet so I can't bandwagon. Shivering Timbers first drop is pretty badass though. Not the highest, not the steepest, but pretty big nonetheless and just wow.


I would agree with you on Shivering Timbers. Nothing too steep or tall but man do you feel like a runaway rocket when you hit the bottom.

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well, gotta go with El Toro (seems to qualify as a "wooden" coaster in this post). Incredibly good ride, with a monstrous first drop.


Honorable mentions:


I love the first drop on the Thunderbolt at Kennywood, right out of the station and into the ravine.

I also love the initial drop into the dark tunnel on the Santa Cruz Giant Dipper - technically, that's the first drop.

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Outlaw Run has the best first drop of any coaster I've been on, bar none. Not only is it ridiculously steep, the top of the lift hill gets you going at an amazing horizontal speed, and there's a quick change of direction at the top. Outlaw Run's first drop is actually disorienting--and first drops are never disorienting.

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