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  1. Bill, we all realize that, but it’s more concern 8 weeks out of whether they actually know/received the approvals for the event to happen like Coasterstock or Holliwood Nights, which already on sale. It’s less about impatience on the fact that it hasn’t gone on sale, I’m sure the team is doing everything they can do. They know folks book flights/hotels for this event. If tickets aren’t on sale, there’s probably good reason. Moreso, at some point yeah you have to speculate the chances of them just saying “unfortunately, we couldn’t pull it off this year”. Every city, county, park is different during this panorama. No news is good news though.
  2. Yeah, I'm hoping there's no extra hurdles to it being a large event that are slowing down sale date of tickets. Not sure if Coastermania tickets have ever gone on sale this late, but eight weeks out seems cutting it a bit close.
  3. All for Coastermania! tickets in the past was there generally a different ticket price for passholders (Platnium/Gold)? (Hoping to go to my) First Coastermania! and having trouble finding what pricing looked like in previous years. For most park coater events I've been to there's a season pass price or it's just an add-on to the regular ticket price.
  4. Excited to make there in May, it’ll be my first visit too—has anyone gone to Antelope Island near the park to view the salt lake sunrise/sunset on a trip visit to Lagoon? Worth it for a half day Lagoon/half day Salt Lake or does Lagoon really deserve a whole day?
  5. Haha okay so at least I’m not the only one noticing the log flume. really excited for this. Have always wanted to support this park too until I realize how hard it is to get to from anywhere in Idaho. I’m in Ketchum/Sun Valley a lot and noticed from there, the trek to Silverwood from anywhere in Idaho is yikes! From Ketchum, Twin Falls, or even Boise, it really is more than an SF to LA trek, at least 7-10 hours drive! May have to just plan for a weekend in Washington a maybe drive from Spokane to finally get up there. This all is definitely beautiful incentive. This all looks great.
  6. Wait, what's the story with this? I mean, generally only things get caught up in customs, when dealing with international freight, are things that are regulated like USDA and FDA items. Generally finished steel items have no issue being customs cleared. Sorry, part of that was my speculation. The news said one of the coasters is waiting on a part from Germany. I translated that to "stuck in customs" based on my own experience on a project where bicycle imported from Germany got held up for MONTHS by customs. Yeah $79.99 puts this park at more expensive then any non-Disney/Universal theme park in North America. I know there was a lot of discussion about NYC/Trí-State area being a blessing and a curse: people would be willing to drive this far and try all of American Dreams once but also keeping Nick Uni. from become holding pin from NJ/NYC unsupervised teens while the family shops and runs errands all day. $79.99 will definitely keep the latter out (see riff-raff) but will probably deter that former as well (all those destination customers). If I’m traveling from a far hours to the mall there’s a lot more things I’d rather do for a child with $80 bucks than drop them off at the theme park. Feed, clothe, and purchase toys/books for them to name a few.
  7. That wouldn't be a bad idea, that old Chance Wipeout gets a lot of downtime and I wouldn't be surprised if Kollider/Joker's Wildcard/whatever you call it is taken off line. Nightwing old pad in the middle of S:ROS's finale has been a spot that has seen a surprising number of occupants. It'd be nice to just have one solid, headache free anchor attraction there that's family friendly. Not everyone can ride S:ROS or a Cyborg dark spin-and-puke.
  8. That stood out to me the most. No, it's actually pretty decently maintained. SFGAm's Little Dipper shouldn't be on that list but I definitely chock it's placement along with Zach's Zoomer as simply being the two boring Midwest coasters that folks in the region rank the lowest by default. It makes somewhat sense, riders get more entertainment out of an uncomfortably rough thrill ride than one with no thrill at all.
  9. There really isn't a quick answer to this one. Marine World moved to Vallejo in 1996, the same year that the naval base was decommissioned, but the complicated use of that base site still by others including the Coast Guard meant during the key years of growth for the park, Marine World developed under much of the same restrictions as when the base was operational. That tells much of the story of how the land, sea, and water areas developed for the park as they did. Management has said before that the park has adapted and evolved around the restrictions into what it is today and that has worked well for park flow, for the wildlife habitats, visibility of new attractions at the front of the park and working within their restrictions.
  10. Have I missed something or does SFGAm not have any major coaster ERT events? This has to be the largest park in the US that I don't recall or see a trace on the forum threads of even so much as a coaster club ERT at. I've just noticed that for all the years I lived in Chicago, I've went to some sort of event at every park in the Midwest for Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Iowa, but besides a mini-ERT hour for passholders or a new ride events every few years, I haven't seen anything (not even a mini-A C E event at SFGAm). Are they just more difficult to work with for setting up ERTs?
  11. I highly doubt they would do that. Agreed, Bobby. This felt largely like a way to counter the fact that the Chocolate World experience is outside of the park. It always felt like a huge loss on the concession-side for the park the the most immersive part of the Hershey chocolate experience was outside of the park AND there was nothing really inside the park that was as comparable. I don't understand. People keep saying things like this as though there never was a restaurant, snack locations, or a shop outside the park, but hasn't there ALWAYS been a restaurant, snack locations, and a shop in that front area entrance that you have to pass by on the way to Chocolate World? It's not as though this new front entrance area is going to introduce things like a restaurant, shops and snack locations that are a new concept for Hersheypark, these things have ALWAYS been there, right? I look at it this way: it didn't matter if there were shops at the current entrance. Most people -- park attendees and people passing through the town, get their souvenirs at Hershey's Chocolate World. It is a destination anchor attraction unto itself. The gift shops within the park are not. You're right: the additions themselves are not remarkably different concepts. The point though is that this is re-branding and the PR will definitely make it seem as such (as you have already witnessed in the reaction). Why? Another way to think of it is that we all know many, even thrill seekers, would choose one (Chocolate World) over the other (Hershey Park) for the mere fact that I visit Hershey, PA for the chocolate experience. It was really a blunder that the brand (chocolate) became more identified with the attraction across the lot from the park rather than the park itself. It would be as if Legoland would build the largest LEGO Emporium in the country across the street from LEGOLAND Park (as you really would want Lego lovers to go to the park). If Coca-Cola had a park, I would expect the World of Coca-Cola to be within the all-day park experience not a separate attraction (even if I loves coasters, I would drive to experience coke. Hershey really is no exception). Destination tourist will pay for either, but stand to spend more money at the park rather than a mere store. I see this really as a re-branding (if I love chocolate, I should want to go the Hershey Park). Especially with locating the larger scale chocolatier confecture experience and the largest Hershey chocolate merchandising venue now within the park gates, as Chocolate World was previously host to both claims to fame in the country). This is a win-win all around for the Hershey Company.
  12. I highly doubt they would do that. Agreed, Bobby. This felt largely like a way to counter the fact that the Chocolate World experience is outside of the park. It always felt like a huge loss on the concession-side for the park the the most immersive part of the Hershey chocolate experience was outside of the park AND there was nothing really inside the park that was as comparable. Raise your hand if you've skipped the park to go Chocolate World more times than you've actually gone to Hershey Park?
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