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  1. Wait, what's the story with this? I mean, generally only things get caught up in customs, when dealing with international freight, are things that are regulated like USDA and FDA items. Generally finished steel items have no issue being customs cleared. Sorry, part of that was my speculation. The news said one of the coasters is waiting on a part from Germany. I translated that to "stuck in customs" based on my own experience on a project where bicycle imported from Germany got held up for MONTHS by customs. Yeah $79.99 puts this park at more expensive then any non-Disney/
  2. That wouldn't be a bad idea, that old Chance Wipeout gets a lot of downtime and I wouldn't be surprised if Kollider/Joker's Wildcard/whatever you call it is taken off line. Nightwing old pad in the middle of S:ROS's finale has been a spot that has seen a surprising number of occupants. It'd be nice to just have one solid, headache free anchor attraction there that's family friendly. Not everyone can ride S:ROS or a Cyborg dark spin-and-puke.
  3. That stood out to me the most. No, it's actually pretty decently maintained. SFGAm's Little Dipper shouldn't be on that list but I definitely chock it's placement along with Zach's Zoomer as simply being the two boring Midwest coasters that folks in the region rank the lowest by default. It makes somewhat sense, riders get more entertainment out of an uncomfortably rough thrill ride than one with no thrill at all.
  4. There really isn't a quick answer to this one. Marine World moved to Vallejo in 1996, the same year that the naval base was decommissioned, but the complicated use of that base site still by others including the Coast Guard meant during the key years of growth for the park, Marine World developed under much of the same restrictions as when the base was operational. That tells much of the story of how the land, sea, and water areas developed for the park as they did. Management has said before that the park has adapted and evolved around the restrictions into what it is today and that has wo
  5. Have I missed something or does SFGAm not have any major coaster ERT events? This has to be the largest park in the US that I don't recall or see a trace on the forum threads of even so much as a coaster club ERT at. I've just noticed that for all the years I lived in Chicago, I've went to some sort of event at every park in the Midwest for Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Iowa, but besides a mini-ERT hour for passholders or a new ride events every few years, I haven't seen anything (not even a mini-A C E event at SFGAm). Are they just more difficult to work with for setting up ERTs?
  6. I highly doubt they would do that. Agreed, Bobby. This felt largely like a way to counter the fact that the Chocolate World experience is outside of the park. It always felt like a huge loss on the concession-side for the park the the most immersive part of the Hershey chocolate experience was outside of the park AND there was nothing really inside the park that was as comparable. I don't understand. People keep saying things like this as though there never was a restaurant, snack locations, or a shop outside the park, but hasn't there ALWAYS been a restaurant, snack locations, and a
  7. I highly doubt they would do that. Agreed, Bobby. This felt largely like a way to counter the fact that the Chocolate World experience is outside of the park. It always felt like a huge loss on the concession-side for the park the the most immersive part of the Hershey chocolate experience was outside of the park AND there was nothing really inside the park that was as comparable. Raise your hand if you've skipped the park to go Chocolate World more times than you've actually gone to Hershey Park?
  8. That was my though as well, but I'm confident they can build that out. The same could previously be said about the front end of the park back when it was just Greased Lightnin' and Road Runner. They really need to think of how to round out that area. Family attractions and concessions would really help that area out.
  9. Yes! The back side of the park really needed some love. I really hope they connect the path back around to T3 as it would really help the dry-side of the park flow.
  10. Phenomenal addition and a really smart move by the park. They needed this! If they could build out that stretch of the park connecting back to T3 with some shade and just a few family additions -- one or two flats, they could really make this a well-rounded park with this family woodie there (it'll be tough given the limited space, but parks have done more with less space e.g. FunSpot, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Lake Compounce, and Gröna Lund). My main gripe with Kentucky Kingdom was that their limitations of adding "wherever space is available" makes it feel like families are cra
  11. We're referring to how close anchor attractions are placed in proximity to each other given the park's space. Six Flags New England there is actually a decent example in that, even for such a tightly packed park, they have placed the top four attractions at three corners of the park (Superman, Wicked Cyclone, and Batman) with the fourth (Goliath) in the center (yes it is comical that it is near another boomerang, Flashback)(for such a small, narrow park, Six Flags New England is laid out pretty well). Trust me, Six Flags may suck at a lot of things, but even they (as well as most all par
  12. My main counterpoint to removing Vortex for a new attraction is why put a new anchor attraction there? Even if Vortex is expendable (which I am in the keep-your-hand-off-of-Vortex-camp), I'm presuming we're talking about taking out a coaster and using that real estate for a new anchor attraction. Vortex is neighborhood by Beast and a straight walkway down to Diamondback. Does it make sense to put what will be the park's biggest draw right in the middle when there is so much space to build at Kings Island already? Park flow/traffic has to be a heavy consideration in planning (more than w
  13. Mike Koontz has been asked and answered ad nauseam that RCM'ing Racer is one of the worst things Kings Island could ever do to Coney Mall (or the spirit of the park for that matter). Therefore, it's never happening under his watch. He shut that possibility down when asked at Coasterstock Q&A (while the ACErs drown his voiced out with boos to the young child for even suggesting it).
  14. After Coasterstock 2018, I think all are of the opinion that Firehawk is an expendable part of Kings Island's coaster collection. Axe it. Burn dat ish down. Put in more picnic groves and gazebos. The PG won't notice. Firehawk is really not loved by the park guests (not just enthusiasts) given its locations, operations, the fact that it's known as "that coaster behind Flight of Fear that we might as well ride since it took so long get over here" and general nature of Firewhawk being the only major coaster in the park that was never actually weaved into the parks footprint (e.g. it feel
  15. It's really time for IllumiNations to have its sunset. Epcot has had an industry awarding show for a decade and a half so hopefully this is a challenge to master something even better. It's been almost 20 years for Illuminations though. Time to say goodbye.
  16. So happy for this Screamin Swings addition. The Ireland section needed this ride badly.
  17. I feel like enthusiasts didn't pick apart Jungala closing enough or BGT costs cut enough, so I'll bite. I never quite understood about the money problems at BGT, but Jungala really irked me more than seeing Gwazi still standing there on my last visit. There have been mentions over the years of park operating budget constraints for BGT between podcasts, coaster events where park operations discussed Rhino Rally's closing, forum discussions about the unexpected closing of the entire Jungala land, and the somewhat infamous explanations for the closures of Gwazi and Tidal Wave. For such an am
  18. Knoebel's has shown a lot resilience with handling these floods in the past (how, for such a small park? I don't know, but they've been both prepared and bounced back every time where many larger parks would struggle significantly). Source: Pottsville Republican Source: Pottsville Republican
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