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Best First Drop on a Wooden Coaster? Which one do you think?

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^I was just going there, then I saw your post. Everyone moans about the American Eagle; it's had a very tired and jaded history and is not consistent. But when it's running brake free and smooth, watch out! The first drop is very *epic* feeling (I think that is the only time I have ever used the word 'epic' ... srsly). Coaster nerds complain that the lift slows and nearly stops at the top. To me, that adds to the drop tremendously. There are plenty of coasters that go over fast and get steep fast, but only one like the Eagle. People rave about how steep drops are, but what counts is how long they take to get that steep and the shape of the profile in doing so; the Eagle takes a long while to get steep, so everything isn't over in an instant. It's perfection! Of course, if there were 50 other drops like it, wouldn't be so special. And if you are lucky, u get just a nice floating air time right as the drop reaches it's steepest point (55 degrees).



Bill Cobb's coasters also were great (although *very* different than American Eagle - which ironically he worked on in 1982 to remove some -G's on the return bunny hops). I'm thinking mainly of Texas and Riverside Cyclones. He put a little *snap* (decrease of profile radius) right at the steepest part of those drops, so you really got your butt kicked out.

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I believe GhostRider has the best drop out of the 11 or 12 wooden coasters I've been on. The shed actually is kinda cool and adds some headchopper + noise effects, and the laterals on pullout at the bottom are juicy. Plus it's the only wooden coaster that could get me to go this crazy..



Losing my S. My sincerest apologies to my friend behind me.

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The Legend at HW and that's not a home park biased opinion. It is pretty intense and the airtime on that drop is, in my opinion, better than the Voyage's.image.jpg.48be436490e1b3b6d5f69b2ccd779d9d.jpg Cyclops also has a great first drop as well. EDIT: I have ridden El Toro and find that drop amazing as well, just throwing out another name.

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1.) Grizzly at King's Dominion - boring in the front, completely insane if you sit in the back

2.) Thunderbolt at Kennywood - the drop right out of the station yanks you right out of your seat if you sit in the back

3.) Cornball Express at Indiana Beach - once again, sit in the back

4.) Renegade at Valleyfair! - amazing drop plus it just looks cool

5.) Viper at Six Flags Great America - the drop alone is just OK but the pause before it at the top makes it so much better

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I'll have to say that front seat on Outlaw's Run is ridiculous. Hanging on the edge of the drop and you STILL can't see the track on the way down due to the angle? Amazing. On top of that, they use the terrain to add an extra 50+ feet to the first drop and then kick it up to a speed that would make most steel coasters nervous. Get there if you can, and ride this sucker!

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El Toro. Even after riding Outlaw Run for the last two days. Both are beyond incredible, but I thought El Toro's drop had slightly more of that "ejector" sensation than Outlaw Run's did.

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