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  1. So Life in the Fast Lane from Hard Rock is better then KI's Adventures Express? Yeah right.
  2. Depends on whether the park has a theme. If themed, it is a theme park. If not, it is an amusement park.
  3. I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned more, but KI's Son of Beast was rough as heck in it's final season with the loop.
  4. Iron Rattler will for sure be better. Even though it doesn't have as many inversions as Outlaw Run, it has more hills that have the potential of providing massive amounts of airtime.
  5. The worst line was SFSTL Mr. Freeze, opening year, 60 minutes in a claustrophobic environment.
  6. The drop into the lake looks like it will give good footchoppers when it is operating!
  7. The splashdown at the end of the Sheikra model is amazing. I can"t wait to see more of these two models in the future.
  8. Gatekeeper is one of only three Wing Coasters in the US. There is a dozen launch coasters in the US. Technically Gatekeeper will be better for it's unique experience and awesome lakeside setting.
  9. Yeah, looks like the chain trough is completely damaged there. There must of been a bend or something already wrong there and must of gotten worse over the off season and probably ended up like that when they were doing the initial testing. First time I've seen that happen on a chain lift. Probably waiting on a new one to get made. Is this common on Arrow/Vekoma Multi inversion rides? I remember this occuring to Vortex two years ago at KI.
  10. And couldn't bringing a camera on a ride be possibly dangerous for people below?
  11. I am building a NL RMC. I'm still working on the supports. Here are some snapshots of it. Any comments?
  12. Would the new B&M trains affect the amount of airtime?
  13. 5 hrs??? 3 people per 4 person capsle with the operator. 64/3 = 21.3333. which rounds to 22 times. Each trip is 10 minutes, so 22x10 is 220 minutes!
  14. I just realized that Carnival workers are either selfish or unwise. Why did the forward end of the Triumph have power? The forward end consists of all the crew's cabins. And how do they not know that they can use that power to run necessary power for return to port? I know this industry very well and my family's been out to sea numerous times.
  15. Why Blue Man Group? I thought the only travelling one was at Universal Studios.
  16. I would love to go on the Norwegian Epic! It's massive, well run, and has great reviews.
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