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Best First Drop on a Wooden Coaster? Which one do you think?

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I had a back seat ride on Phoenix once and while the airtime was not as intense as on other parts of the ride it still launched me out of my seat and onto my seat divider! It hurt but was insane in its own right!

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Well one degree would be insignificant...if not for all the other differences that influence the effectiveness of the drop. Note that:


-T Express achieves a steeper slope over less distance and what seems like a higher starting speed (than that of El Toro in its current state). Because the shaping is still similar, T Express' drop is likely more intense with stronger and/or a quicker onset of strong negatives.


-The transition between negatives and positives is noticeably smaller on T Express than El Toro. That fact also adds to the intensity by decreasing the time between extremes. Consider that the most significant difference between say Millennium Force's S transition between the second and third overbanks, and Maverick's S transition between the first and second turns on the ride is the time of rotation. Now, apply that same concept to the transitions on the drops to see why that difference can be so important. It's not a huge change, as El Toro's transition there is already relatively small, but it's definitely visible in back row POVs.


Determining which drop is better is really a matter of personal preference, as some people would prefer an extra 20' or other differences and intangibles in El Toro's drop over the facts I presented. However, based on what I said, I think one can tell why either first drop might be preferred.

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Nope, but you can get a lot of information from videos and pictures, which is just what I did.


This is something I don't understand, how people can say something about a ride they have never been on. Pictures and video's don't do justice to many coasters. You cannot assume something like that.

Sure, you can predict what the coaster would feel like, but until you actually ride it, you can't ever really know.


I'm not saying you where doing this, I've just seen it in this topic.



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Whatever, I'm not going to get into that argument, especially since I think you only posted based on the one quote, and not what I actually said before. What I wrote are my thoughts based on my personal knowledge and experience. Whether you accept them or not is your business, not mine.


I will say, please note that everything I said in the post in question is a fact as opposed to an opinion, and whether you deem it correct or incorrect is another issue which is open to debate if you'd like. I didn't say which drop I preferred, as they are pretty similar, both has its advantages, and I've only ridden one of the two. I was just stating reasons why one might be considered better than another.

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I have not been to a lot of parks but some of the woodies I have been on have had some awesome first drops.


They are:

-El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure

-The Wildcat - Hersheypark

-Hercules - Dorney Park (Its not closed and Hydra is in its spot)


For any coaster I get on I prefer the very back seat so I get all of the first hill. I think that becasue by the time the back is up to the top the front is already partly down the hill not going full speed.

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