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Best First Drop on a Wooden Coaster? Which one do you think?

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El toro for me, ive been to a lot of parks and no wooden coaster gives more airtime. But the hill after the 2nd bank turn is just brutal ejection out of the seat and is unexplainable.


I keep forgetting my camera when i go to six flags and only found some cunstruction photos. I will be going back in about a week and will take tons of pictures.


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Best wooden drop I've been on: The Wild mouse at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, it really has that out of your seat, out of control feeling.


Best wooden structure drop(but not wooden track): the Ulitmate at Lightwater Valley. Because of how long the train is (10 cars) the pullover is insane in the back.


Best second drop on a wooden coaster is on Thundercoaster at TusenFryd. It feels taller than the first drop (I not sure that it is though) and you're out of your seat every second of the way down.

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After about 60 or so woodies, I can say without a doubt that El Toro is by far the best forst drop on a woodie, maybe even the best first drop on any coaster with the exception of MF.


Just my 2cents.

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el toro hopefully. it will be my first trip there . im a cedar point person,pki,gl area thing mostly. how good is eltoro . so far my fav woodie is the beast. but the big dipper was my first coaster. anyway i also like beasts first hill but second is better imo.

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El Tora has the greatest wood coaster first drop on the planet!


Coasters worth listing too.


GA Cyclone (Back Seat)

Riverside Cyclone (Pre Hack) (Back Seat)

Coney Island Cyclone (Back Seat)

Rebel Yell (Backwards last seat)

Haven't ridden the Boss but that double down looks killer.

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When you're not expecting it...


Back car, Colossus. My friend and I were talking about something down below and suddenly we were whipped over the top of the lift and I screamed my ass off. That drop is pretty huge. I was out of my seat the entire time.

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For anyone who knows me this is predictable, but it's Grand National for me (and I've been further afield than Blackpool - 235 coasters so far). It's small compared to your silly huge US coasters (which I've ridden a lot of) but the airtime is superb, with a lovely rocketting feeling you just don't get from modern coasters. You can feel the track oscillate as the cars slam into the bottom of the double drop. You're flying for a heavenly couple of seconds then you're hilariously bouncing up toward the sky. No nasty stiff track with jarring vibration here - instead it's correctly ductile, greased and well maintained. Something America just doesn't seem to 'get'!


Weeeeeeee FLYYYYY SLAM BOUNCE - nothing else like it. It's perfect hand-drawn circular 30s coaster magic - no precise CAD ledger plotting, no docile parabolic arcs. Only problem is PTC going wimpy with lapbar springs - the first drop of immense fun has become the first drop of painful pinning. I make sure to hold the bar up with both hands which results in a lovely ride, sometimes better than ever before, sacrifing hands up in the process.

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