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  1. Anyone know if Kings Island still does a morning Beast Walkback for the first ride? If so, does the person need to first go to guest services as it use to be?
  2. My Favorite 2 pics of my visit to Hershey May of 2008 My two favorite of the day
  3. I take it, the trains are the same old ones and they aren't using the new restraints?
  4. I watch them a few times. I enjoy the onride footage. My son Conner is just so crazy for Roller Coaster dvd's! Even Mine! As a matter of fact from what I can see all the kids love the videos. In light of that, a few suggetions. Clean it up a little bit or make 2 versions. Some things slip right by him and that's cool. But Squishy balls and stuff ...there is no way he's not going to repeat it. I have to skip the carnival each time I'm not sure if others are having trouble but I have 2 dvd players and 1 blu-ray. They all stop in diff places on all of the disks. The disks are clean and have no scratches. My one player says the disk is in DVD+R. Do you have the option of DVD-R? It's still the standard of standards. It's compatible with all players old and new. Anyway keep making the disk so we can travel vicariously though you!
  5. I posted a video of the event http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=622884#622884 Twisterbret
  6. I'm so behind. I'm just reading this now. Great trip report. We enjoyed hanging with you and Derek. It took the kids 3 days to recover from all the walking and rides. I hope to post a video soon!
  7. Finally some pictures of the High Roller. Very cool Log Flume lift The Mall looks way better then I thought it would be. Wouldn't take much to convince the family we need to go ..with Shopping high on the list of things to do. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Just wanted to add that the lift hill is insanely fast for a mouse. It also sports some great lightning effects as you go up. I kept my expectations low since it's a "mouse in a box" but they really did a nice job. Makes me wish they would give Skull Mountain a work over. It's certainly a coaster you want to head to first since the throughput isn't going to be all that great. With that said, the platform moves like Hershey's mouse which helps things move a long. It's a great addition for park with lots of B&M's that you need 54" to ride. Conner who's only 3 can make the height.
  9. Congrats guys!! We are super happy for you both!! Bret and Family
  10. World's longest inverted rollercoaster to run in Guangzhou 261 words 22 January 2008 Xinhua's China Economic Information Service English © 2008 Xinhua News Agency. All Rights Reserved GUANGZHOU, Jan. 22 (Xinhua) -- The world's longest inverted rollercoaster will start running during China's upcoming Spring Festival in an amusement park in this capital city of south China's Guangdong Province, offering the thrilling fun of falling 80 meters, the park said Tuesday. Xiong Xiaojie, assistant to the president of the Chimelong Paradise, told Xinhua on Tuesday that the one-km-long rollercoaster, designed by Switzerland-based Bolliger and Mabillard for the park, will be safety tested on Jan. 28, and has a planned debut in China's most important festival, the Spring Festival, which falls on Feb. 7 this year. "The 200 million-yuan (27 million U.S. dollars) rollercoaster is one of the world's most expensive and the first of its kind introduced to China's mainland. It would offer fun-seekers an experience of a vertical drop of 80 meters, as high as a 30-story building," said Xiong. Bolliger and Mabillard invented the world's first inverted rollercoaster in 1992. Since then, it has designed 71 rollercoasters for theme parks around the world. The rollercoaster it designed for Chimelong Paradise has three carriages capable of carrying 30 people at a time. Its highest speed is 120 km per hour. The Chimelong Paradise opened in Guangzhou in April, 2006, and has become one of the must-go tourist attractions in the city, for its sophisticated amusements. The privately-owned park, built for 1 billion yuan, covers 66 hectares, and can handle 50,000 tourists a day. (?)
  11. You can clearly see some of the problems with the Bat in 4th picture down. The track is flat and the train is almost 90 degrees.
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