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  1. Cougar Bait Ale from Country Boy Brewing of Lexington, Ky
  2. Mexico Japan Singapore Thailand Hong Kong South Korea Philippines
  3. After seeing the POV, I was trying to think of what it reminded me of. Your mention of Batman nailed it. Balls out till the brake run.
  4. Robb, Can a tall person over 6' 4" ride the Junior suspended, or is it like the one a Kings Island? I can't even credit whore the older Juniors because of my height That GCI is going to look sweet. Can't wait to try it.
  5. Great pictures. I was down there last week. I wanna go back. No on the mega burgers and yes on that pizza. It's on my must eat list for the next trip.
  6. Yep! Couldn't agree more. I wonder if the Congressman even knows what geolocation is. Hell, I wonder if he even knows how to write a check.
  7. It was only a matter of time before a Congress member stuck his/her nose in to this http://markey.house.gov/sites/markey.house.gov/files/documents/Letter%20--%20Disney%20--%201-24-13.pdf
  8. Big Thunder Mountain at WDW was my first coaster. Rode it last weekend.
  9. 7 days till WDW. My 12 yr old has no idea we're going. Can't wait.
  10. The Chicago Loop at Old Chicago in 1975. Waited forever for a 30 second ride.
  11. I saw this while reading an economic report on China. http://blogs.reuters.com/photographers-blog/2011/12/12/chinas-deserted-fake-disneyland/ Has anybody ever seen this place?
  12. Great game! Great medal count for both sides!
  13. Canada isn't Detroit. At least I hope not. You're the last hope for civility in North America! Regardless, it's going to be a great game.
  14. The state has eminent domain. They love to use it under the guise that it is for the good of the state and the people. They use it alot to get things they want. You are right though that the government is in a pickle. Who would want to operate the park given the SF precedence? KI and Holiday World will eat their lunch this summer.
  15. To the government - drop it. What's really funny is if the land that Six Flags owned was big enough for a water park, and they decided to build (don't bet on it), the state would have to grant an easement through the Kentucky Kingdom property without compensation. Down dare ask me how I feel paying taxes to the state government.
  16. Given the states finances, Kentucky Kingdom probably won't be back. Your right about Chang not ever coming back. Even though the remedy under KY law would be to restore the asset, if it indeed is a fixture, it's about the money in the end.
  17. Under KRS (Kentucky Revised Statutes) a fixture that is permanently attached to the land is part of the real estate, not personal property. Permanent attachment would be in force since bolting a fixture to the ground would constitute permanent attachment under KRS. So in this case, Chang is property of the Commonwealth, not Six Flags. If the lease between the Commonwealth and Six Flags states that a fixture can be sold or moved by the lessee, then Six Flags is free to remove the ride. The Commonwealth would have no recourse. If there is not a clause that over rides KRS, Chang needs to be returned, and rebuilt to operating condition. This would need to be done to avoid harm to the lessor. I am basing this on my experience as a landlord in Kentucky, and legal advice I have received over the years as a landlord.
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