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  1. ^ Another video on the Busch Gardens 2011 site ("Agility") had the camera flip a couple of times.
  2. Since I'm going for the first time in early August (on the second week for two days), is it recommended to use the other entrance by Magnum to avoid crowds in the front parking lot? I'll be using Early Entry with my Platinum Pass.
  3. ^ Repo! is amazing! I need to see Mother and Child soon...
  4. Great TR! I can't wait for my first time in early August! If only I'd meet the same crowd levels...
  5. I saw both episodes last night, and I liked it. The episode right before with the human slingshot was insane and the TTD rollback was awesome. That was pretty lucky, even if he was running against the clock.
  6. On another forum, the guy that made the video said that he could only bring a standard camera on the ride and that he had to tweak the video so you could see it better, so that's why it looks pixelated at some parts. I appreciate the video, even though I'd love to see higher quality in the future. I can't wait to come this September!
  7. I'm freaked out about my first AP exam coming up, and it's apparently one of the hardest, AP World. Ugh.
  8. AP World History is driving me crazy.
  9. Absolutely amazing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1c2KzJbcGA
  10. Yup, they still do that! It's a REALLY great value, especially since your hotel key will get you into the Express lines in both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure (except Rockit at Universal).
  11. Hulk near the beginning of December. It was running a bit smoother than usual!
  12. I feel like I always end up either next to or facing that person who looks like he's going to barf on you.
  13. Dear Title Fairy, Can you please change mine to "Sour Life Riot"? Thanks in advance.
  14. I'm currently in IB and taking AP World History. I do well on the essays, but I'm worried about doing three of them with 40 minutes each. Also, those dang multiple choices are crazy difficult for me.
  15. ^ I agree, Manta's is so well done. I also love SheiKra's entrance sign.
  16. Apparently, randomly yelling crap at people as you're driving by never gets old. Being the one yelled at does, however.
  17. I rode two times on the 19th. It was great! I liked it a lot. I was there at opening and used the single riders line, which got me on pretty quickly the first time. For my first ride, I chose #301, Float On by Modest Mouse and I was in the third row. There were a few jerks here and there, but it was completely tolerable. I used single riders for my second ride, and since more and more people came in that line, it seemed interminable. When I finally got on, the device was already set on the Marrs song, but I selected Bring Me to Life *just* in time. I totally agree with the people who said that Bring Me to Life went brilliantly with the ride! I loved how during the vertical lift, the piano introduction was playing right before the blare of the electric guitars as the train crests and drops. I was in the fifth row the second time, and I got more air than in the third row. I can't wait to come back and ride it again in a couple of months! * The seats in the fourth row of each train weren't used during the day.
  18. It was great, although it had a different ending.
  19. Fight Club is awesome, I both read it and saw it.
  20. It's definitely getting better. At first, there were many reports of touchscreen glitches and we haven't heard about them recently. It's getting there.
  21. ^ Just looking at the after shot compares the old and new drop. If you find a picture of it from the side, the yellow is the old drop, the blue is the new.
  22. The show was pretty good, it just bothers me how they put a wave pool and a sand park in a "Death-Defying Drops" themed show.
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