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  1. This may have been answered several times before but i'm getting a lot of mixed messages between this thread and my friends: Do you need to be a member of Club TPR in order to come to this event? I am a regular forum member and would like to get in on this $99 fun run. My other friends who are not members of club TPR would like to buy the $99 tickets as well and join me. Is this possible?
  2. Hey dudes. I'm going on vacation for my 15th birthday with my mom to Orlando. It's gonna be from the 9th to the 19th. Were gonna have about 8 full days of good roller coaster fun. We have purchased 7 day Disney tickets with no parkhopper ability. Were staying at the Sheraton vistana villas in orlando. I would like to know how you would schedule this trip for maximum ride time. I would also love some reviews on the hotel. So far we have planned to fit in all 4 Disney parks, busch gardens, and gatorland. I would like you to figure out where everything should be placed within the timescale so we can have as much fun as possible. THANKS! P.s sorry for any errors. Ityped this up on my phone
  3. Colossus at SFMM. The lapbar gave me a dead leg on every single bump. It's the only ride I honestly hate and have been physically injured on (other than headbanging).
  4. The poll was just a fun extra, just to see what other people liked the most because i've never been to the east cost. As for hotels, I guess im just asking for a list of hotels you have all stayed at and the pros and cons of your experiences. We love any and all coasters.
  5. Hey everyone. My family and I are planning a trip to florida. Well be hitting up these parks in order of importance: Busch Gardens Disney World Gatorland Epcot Sea World Adventure Islands Universal Orlando I want to help my mom choose a place to stay. Every Disney resort is unhealthily expensive. We just want a nice place to stay in the middle of all these parks, that wont hurt our wallets. We have a timeshare with RCI if that helps. Post the places you've stayed, and the pros and cons of it. Thank you VERY VERY much! P.S. If you need any more info on our plans, post or message me!
  6. I can't wait for knott's scary farm. It's my favorite place to be in the whole world.
  7. www.haunt.knotts.com Just wondering if everyone is as excited as I am!
  8. Ditto. Unfortunately I don't have a ride so i'll just have to settle for going on friday. Hopefully there will be another soft opening.
  9. NEVERMIND : It says 6-10pm, Sorry for my poor reading ability. Yeah I'll most likely be there.
  10. I won tickets! I think...I got an email with a black background giving me info on the tickets that i've won from KROQ, etc. Just wanted to make sure that's what everyone else got. Can someone inform me on this awesome prize? Im totally in shock. What day are the tickets good for? Are there any downsides to these tickets? Sorry I cant think of any other questions, my hands are shaking T_T. Please just inform me .
  11. ^ They're keeping quiet about it so people will grab a hold of the 25$ deal, see that a new ride is being built, then come back again and pay the 50$ or whatever it is to come again. Great marketing if you ask me.
  12. Offtopic : I was there when it overheated. Also the same day it rolled back twice
  13. ^ With how many people have posted something like that, it seems like a lot of the community just thinks its another psyclone/bad woodie. Which means less lines until they come to their senses.
  14. We can only hope so. We'll have to watch what they do with the theming budget. $1 Million is a lot of money in most peoples minds but when you spend it on a roller coaster/themes, it disappears pretty fast.
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