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Best First Drop on a Wooden Coaster? Which one do you think?

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There is only one answer to this question: El Toro.


Unless you have been on any RMC coaster. Most RMC coasters give El Toro a run for it's money.



I'll be voting Outlaw Run for this one. It's extremely steep, very tall, and has a view that can take your breath away almost every time.


Outlaw Run's drop is amazing!! I prefer it over El Toro.

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Even though it isn't the wildest or steepest, I love how Boulder Dash's first drop is always about the same height from the ground and the trees really accentuate its speed.


You nailed it, Boulder Dash is my personal fav, followed by El Toro.


Boulder Dash: In the back seat.


Being pulled around the drop, flying by rocks and trees, and the high speed laterals...I miss Boulder!


All of the above. I loved Outlaw Run, El Toro, and all the other RMCs (NTG and WC) that I've been one but first drop for Boulder Dash will always take the cake. The fact that this is the start of a 120 foot drop, literally a few feet off the ground, sets it on a different level than all other woodies I've been on.

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