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Best First Drop on a Wooden Coaster? Which one do you think?

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Outlaw Run still is my winner. I love Toro to death, but OR's pre drop and snap over the hill is breathtaking. Plus it has a much better view.


Toro's turnaround gives you a little more time to prepare for the drop. Once I get on Lightning Rod, I bet it will take my number one spot.


Every one of the reasons you listed are reasons why Outlaw Run is my winner as well. I LOVE El Toro, but Outlaw Run still beats it.


I agree with you. Once I get on Lightning Rod next year, Outlaw Run may become my #2 wooden coaster.

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I haven't been on El Toro yet (or anything on the East Coast for that matter), but I will say of the Midwest woodies, Goliath has the best first drop. It's huge and goes into a tunnel, and as steep and smooth as they come.


Outlaw Run's is almost as good, being only 3 feet shorter and 2 degrees less steep. The experience is almost the same, but the tunnel really makes it for Goliath. You feel like you're being flung straight into the earth.


I also really like Boss's double-down first drop. The first part is so long, but then instead of coming back up, it drops again, this time through the support structure. Awesome.

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Wicked Cyclone in the back row. You get thrown out on the crest and then get slammed back down with some great positives before the overbank.


WC definitely has a great first drop but it's moved on to the steel category thanks to the awesome RMC conversion! And I'm going to jump on the El Toro bandwagon as well. That first drop in the back seat is my favorite first drop on any coaster.

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