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  1. Kingda ka/Top thrill and the various differently-sized clones of them. Not because of roughness or anything, but they're very much a one-and-done ride for me. Mostly because the layouts are just boring. Giant hill, maybe a hop, that's it. I Personally prefer the storm runner/Xcelerator type launch rides that have a more interesting or at least a longer layout. As far as non-coaster rides, i'm not a fan of any "Simulator" ride or show ride where you just sit in a restrained seat and stuff happens around you (Like robb mentioned with Stitch, but many others as well)
  2. Well, judging by what RMC has done in the past, a quick cheap track type that could self-contain most of the machinery & wiring to run the actual ride (Lift chain/motor, brakes, launch track, sensors, etc.) seems like an insane winner for them. Think about it. all you have to do is build small access areas into the bottom of it to get at the mechanics and you could even hide support structure inside the box structure of the track, allowing long arches or hills over obstacles that don't require building supports under them (Great for hopping paths or other rides, for instance) Which at more crowded parks could be one hell of a selling point. In short, looking at just the basic renders, you get a bit of a "Why?" moment, but thinking about it, it's the kind of thing RMC Can really push the limits with.
  3. So that's how it works, there's a literal switch track after it stops completely. That's insane and genius Looks like an absolute win for the park
  4. Every time i see this thing i'm so confused as to how the layout works. Can't wait to see this insanity actually running.
  5. This is why I ask the questions above. It's no secret that forums are a dying platform and we are fortunate to have the most popular one in the subject matter. It's pretty obvious to me that the majority of people who follow our socials on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter basically don't know the forum exists, and it's a pretty hard sell to someone now to register for a forum. But I wonder if Reddit is more commonplace between those socials. This will obviously take some research as if we did something on Reddit, I'd want it to be better than anything that is currently available. But like I said, the current subreddits on the subject matter are pretty awful, so it wouldn't take much to be better. I hate to quote you right off the first page, but i really feel like the "Forums are a dying breed" thing is a bit odd. I get that people are going more mobile, but something like the massive 100+ photo TR's are far more easily read through in forum posts than any other media, trying to dig the update pictures out of a twitter feed or having to scroll through them on instagram or whatever is far more of a pain than just reading through the TR with the pictures and videos embedded in the post. for -MOST- things, the idea of a forum is pretty dead though, but for something like this, i feel like the medium will stick around longer than people expect. That out of the way, i feel like having a reddit would be overkill, i mean, you potentially expand the userbase and your exposure, but at this point you're already on everything else worth being on, so any users there would potentially already be users on here. And since the way it works is basically post link, discuss link, vote up/down people would likely just be doing what they do here on there, or just linking to here from there for the reasons above (TR Posts, etc.) My 2 cents
  6. as a nearly 6'4 skinny SOB, the only restraints i've actually had a problem with are B&M OTSR's Seriously, i fit (Tightly) into arrow looper trains but the OTSR comes over my chest perfectly with no shoulder issues, on B&M's i have to almost compress myself down to get the last click of it to reach my chest, rather than stick out at a weird angle (Which then causes it to repeatedly try to close down that last notch during the ride on the loops and such, which -really- sucks) Even old tightening-during-the-ride wingrider trains don't cause me the same trouble, i rode gatekeeper all day at media day then a visit not long before the change and it wasn't nearly as bad as the occasional ride on something like raptor (Which is the invert i've had the most issues with that on) Most accommodating is weirdly the vekoma flyer restraint. that thing has to be an engineering nightmare, but i always felt like i could stay in my seat all day on x-flight (Firehawk now) without any problems.
  7. Judging by the design of the gondola, you're probably the most correct. It seems like the cars will pivot outward in a manner not much different than an invert pulling out from a vertical loop, rather than the cars on something like a 4D.
  8. http://rcdb.com/3408.htm Pretty sure they're referring to this thing, which looks like an El Loco, but seems to be a custom screamin' squirrel.
  9. i realllly hate to necro this, but someone linked a fly-over of the park by what i assume was a drone or other smal RC with a camera [youtu_be]http://youtu.be/3vh2KcyMDS0[/youtu_be] The park is pretty bad, especially when you can see it from above.
  10. Every inversion RMC has done so far has been low-G. I don't think they'll be doing any vertical loops, once you go high-G, the element controls the ride and structure. We all thought that, and RMC always said that, but if they're going forward with a dive loop then there's no reason they can't do a full loop. Yeah, i feel like they might be building up to it, NTAG Did massive overbanks, this was followed by iRat & Outlaw run with full barrel rolls, which is now being followed By medusa and Goliath both with Overbanks, Zero-g's, and even a diveloop in the case of goliath. Though, a full loop from them would probably be hybrid structure ala SOB, though the ride would likely be a smaller scale, better built, and feature topper track, which would make it a massive improvement over SOB.
  11. Yeah, the collapsed part was part of the lift, after some quick googling & comparing to stuff i had available from years ago. Note though: It happened during construction, -not- operation, a windstorm blew down a section of the ride and kinda spelled out what to expect from SOB over the years. the point is still valid though, you really can't build a true vertical loop on a wooden coaster, with all wood construction, unless it's designed into a very sound structure of it's own, adding one to an existing coaster just wouldn't be possible without pulling a son of beast (Steel support structure) RMC Could definately pull it off i think, but the cutbacks/barrel rolls and now -diveloops- they're doing are working so far.
  12. it's a sense thing with wood. Remember Son of beast? they tried doing an all-wood loop and it didn't work out so well for them. (It collapsed, if i recall correctly) The only way something like a full loop or corkscrew will work is if it's completely enclosed in the structure (Take a look at the dive loop on goliath they're doing for a good example) So, to add inversions to an existing coaster, barrel/zero g rolls are the easiest move, as they can be added right on top of the existing structure and don't need a massive support of their own. Not that i'll ever complain, They're one of my favorite elements on rides, and on Medusa, they look AMAZING.
  13. Going to echo this, they designed their trains for their rides, so with a catalyst like the NTAG incident, i'm sure it was a no-brainer to go with their own technology for these new rides. And this medusa rework...HOLY CRAP, the rocky mountain boys really want to keep pushing the envelope ....and i'm totally okay with this, now to book a mexico trip again
  14. Knoebels really needed something like this. I Look at it kind of the same way, it doesn't really matter how intense or crazy it is, it's going to be another big family fun coaster that anyone can ride and enjoy, and it will definitely be a hit at the park. It -does- pick up some pretty good speed there in the lower part, so i have a pretty good feeling about it. at any rate, REALLY happy to see it coming along and apparently, heading FINALLY to it's grand opening day.
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