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  1. Finally made it out to Hershey today and rode Skyrush for the first time. It had been taunting me since I saw it in May last year and it was well worth the wait. My first ride was on an outside seat and it was absolutely amazing. I did not seem to get the thigh crush that everyone was talking about, it was there but it was not unbearable like everyone made it out to be. It is now my #3 steel coaster. In other random news Storm Runner seemed to be having issues all day, it did not open until about 2 pm and even then it was running one train. It had a 1.5 hour wait so I skipped it. Fahrenheit also had an hour wait due to its awful capacity. The average wait time for the other coasters were about 10 minutes for everything but Great Bear and Skyrush which had a 15 minute waits. Overall it was a great day! Nothing bad really stood out other then Storm Runners wait and that was not the parks fault. Everything good about the park also seemed to shine through especially the landscaping near the new Skyrush path. It looks really nice
  2. Went to the park today and it was rather dead. Longest wait was about 5 minutes for Batwing. Everything else (including Superman and Apocalypse) were a walk on. I did notice that only the wooden coasters had their second train on their transfers. Mind Eraser's second train was in pieces under the station and Batwing's second (or third) train was in pieces in a picnic pavilion with people working on it. Superman did not even have the blue train on the transfer, it was just gone. They were not needed but its kinda weird that the woodies had their trains ready but none of the steel ones had theirs ready. Maybe its because PTC services the wooden ones. Other comments were that in the morning Joker seemed like it was running very fast but by the afternoon it had been slowed down to its normal speed. Roar was brutal in the seat I was in but my friends in another seat said it was running better then usual. Mind Eraser was also brutal but what else is new. The rest of the coasters were all running well. Superman and Wild One were running surprising well for the cold weather. At first I was worried they wouldn't open Superman or Batwing because of the wind but they opened Superman by 11 and Batwing by 11:30 (Then it promptly broke down for 15 minutes but its Batwing so that's expected) I think I finally realize why I prefer the Vekoma Stingrays to the Superman Ultimate Flight models, they are so intense. Its a shame that they had to be so unreliable because they are just better. Finally I rode Apocalypse for the first time. That was seriously a one and done, it wasn't as bad as Mind Eraser but it wasn't much better. Themeing was decent though. Overall the park does look nicer then last year and the staff were being friendly and efficient. The minimal wait times also made it an awesome day and probably the best day I have had at SFA in a while.
  3. I finally made it out to Pittsburgh on Tuesday and went to Kennywood. It really is Pittsburgh's park and everything feels very local which isn't a bad thing. When I got there I was initially worried because the lines for most of the coasters looked very full however that did not prove to be an issue at all since the lines all moved at a constant speed. The ride ops were a mixed bag however. Some such as the ones on Sky Rocket and Phantom's Revenge were extremely enthusiastic and efficient, others such as the ones on Sky Swing were not so good. The park itself is very beautiful and is perched on the side of a cliff which makes the coasters very unique. Jack Rabbit - This coaster was something of a surprise, when we got there the line was spilling out of the queue however it still was only a 15 minute wait. It didn't seem like much until the double down which was absolutely insane. It was fun and was perfect for younger coaster riders. 8/10 Racer- They were only running 2 trains but the line still went really fast, it was my least favorite coaster in the park but not because it was a bad ride. It just didn't do too much and compared to Lightning Racer it wasn't my favorite racing coaster. Again its not a bad ride just my least favorite in a park of very good coasters. 7/10 Thunderbolt - I don't know how to describe this coaster, it is really one of a kind. The drops before the lift provide some good airtime and the laterals in the helix after the drop off the lift hill were incredible. It was made even better with the NAD trains with no seat belts. It was pure nostalgia and in my opinion the best wooden coaster at the park. 8.5/10 Phantom's Revenge - This ride is insane and relentless. The drop into the ravine just didn't seem to end and it never lost speed throughout the entire course. The airtime was also crazy on those last ending hills and it easily shot up to number 3 in my top steel coasters. The restraints were also some of the most comfortable on any coaster I have been on and most coasters should have the seatbelts that just retract into the side of the car. 9.5/10 Exterminator - I probably wouldn't have rated this as high as I am going to if it hadn't been for my friends riding with me. It just wouldn't stop spinning. Other then that its your standard spinning mouse in a building. 7.5/10 Sky Rocket - This coaster was weird. The launch and the first half were very fun but it felt like it had no soul. I really cannot explain it, it was too smooth, too quiet and kinda fizzled out at the end. I never thought I would say the words too smooth when describing a coaster but it was and honestly Phantom's Revenge was much better. It however is perfect for the park, not so intense that kids wouldn't ride it but not so dull that it isn't fun. It wasn't bad, it was just a bit weird. 8/10 Overall this park was very nice, it had a good atmosphere and the food was good (Much better then anything Six Flags or Cedar Fair serves). It had a very good flats package and the only complaint I have about that is the cycle was a bit short for Sky Swing. I would make a stop at this park if I was in the area again as it really works well with what it has and its coaster line-up is very good.
  4. Went to the park again today and noticed that the middle two rows on on most coasters were blocked off and being used for fast track users. Honestly this isn't a bad idea because it stops people from taking your spot if you are waiting since you can't wait for those spots now. Ride ops were pretty good at letting people in the regular line into those rows if no fast track users were waiting. It seems like a really good compromise. Also it seems that that Lightning is always winning on Lightning Racer, I didn't see Thunder win once the past 2 days I've been at the park. Skyrush was also testing today and it looks great.
  5. Went to the park today and it looked promising at first with Storm Runner being a walk on for about an hour. By 12 however the park really filled up with people and Great Bear, Fahrenheit and Storm Runner looked to have 1 hour + lines by 1. Also both sides of Lightning Racer were only running 1 train each so that line got near to the steps which I have never seen happen. It was a great day even with all the people and I can't wait to head back tomorrow (hopefully I will remember my camera this time). Nothing new to report with Skyrush or SDL, both had people in the stations working on them but neither of them tested at all that day. Overall I got Lightning Racer- 2x Sidewinder- 1x Wildcat- 2x Comet-1x Storm Runner-2x
  6. This sounds like fun. If you need anymore people, can I join? If not this will be a great park to watch!
  7. I was just at Ocean City on Tuesday and Tidal Wave is back open, and running fairly well for a boomerang.
  8. Since Joker's Jinx uses LIM's to launch the train and from what I have heard they use a lot of electricity per launch, they might just be slowing the ride down to lower operating costs.
  9. I was on that camp out, Morey's has it every year on this weekend and it is quite fun. Great White was up and down all Friday and Saturday. Glad you had a good time, Morey's and the boardwalk are very nice places to spend an evening at.
  10. I went last year and here is some advice. Crowds- Little to none, most of the people going to Hershey Park in the Dark are the kids coming to get free candy among other events but they are mostly geared towards kids. The park may seem crowded but the more intense coasters had little to no wait. The longest line was for Fehrenheit and it was only 15 minutes, Comet also had a 15 minute wait. All the other coasters were a 1-2 train wait other then Sooperdooperlooper (Walk on, no one in the station) and Great Bear (4 train wait) Coasters- All of them should be open, though they change the names for Hershey Park in the Dark. Look on there site to find the name changes (I do know that Fehrenheit was Fearenheit last time and Great Bear was Great Scare) Other then the cold you should have a great time with multiple rerides on the major coasters!
  11. ^^ I'm gonna say that until its being dismantled, I'm not going to say the rumor is true. Just because this rumor seems too weird to be true, from the flagship ride being taken out, to moving it to a park that already has a standup. Now if it is true then SFKK is doomed as a amusment park (Well maybe not doomed but you get the idea). I can see SFKK being turned into a waterpark or a much smaller amusment park.
  12. Lightning Racer- 60+ times total (I stopped counting around 45 but I know I have done more then 60!) In a day would be Phoenix with 27 times in 1 day. Thats not counting the 14 times the day before.
  13. Tidal Wave down at Trimpers in OCMD. Surprisingly is the best boomerang I have ridden and it was rerideable.
  14. Zoom Phloom at Morey's (Under the Boardwalk, Boardwalk!), and the (RIP) Canyon River Rapids at Hershey.
  15. Is more of a tie between, Rolling Thunder (I cannot believe my friend got me to ride it twice!) and Sidewinder. Sidewinder just felt like I was getting hit by a truck!
  16. Storm Runner at Hershey, Yesterday. It was running really well!
  17. ^ Thank you! ^^ It costs $37 a night for tent camping, and the campsites are right behind the park. I do suggest camping there, its good and if you get a tent pad (Giant wooden tent pads) they let you nail your tent right into it! They give you the nails! ^^^ I don't know why I did not like the bumper cars, I mean they looked awsome but... They were not as good as I hoped. Still they were nice. ^^^^ It must have been the rain because one of my friends went there when it was not raining and it ran a 5 minute cycle! I'll be back there next year to find out!
  18. Stormrunner- It always seems to break down when I'm near it! I'm not joking! It will be running fine the whole day but as soon as I get near it... "We are sorry, this ride is closed". My bad luck... Hopefully it will be open this trip on the 12th! Sidewinder- I had already been on Tidal Wave down at OCMD and... That had been painful. Did not want to take chances on this one. Fly the Great Nor'Easter- Was closed during my ENTIRE 3 day trip! It was open during 9pm-11pm on Saturday but I had been on the other side of the boardwalk at that time and did not know that it was open until 10:30! By then I was too tired to wait. Sea Serpent- See Sidewinder, (I did learn later however that it is a non rough boomerang) The Dark Knight (SFGAV)- Line=30minutes, and we had Nitro to ride. Blackbeards Treasure Train- Closed Road Runner Express- Closed and its a kiddy! Kingda Ka- Hard to explain but the line was about 2 hours long, and we had better things to do. (Such as ride Nitro and marathon Scream Machine.... Not the smartest idea)
  19. ^ With Knoebels its as long as its not thundering, everything is open. Including the coasters.
  20. ^ No Shockwave did not have an accident, it was more or less the fact that Shockwave was tearing itself apart! It was apparently going too fast through the loops and was destroying the wheels on the cars and the top of the loops. Scream Machine had the same problem until they did something to the loop tops. It was just cheaper to replace shockwave then whizzer and with less public outcry. Now back on topic. I say go for it, I mean if you don't like it don't vote!
  21. A new test card for me! I have never used this before.
  22. I'm gonna say, why? Why this coaster? It was very vauge about why they are taking it down, just that it had reached the end of its life, a little more explaination would be nice.
  23. Some of the things you are saying are really bad, but some of the other things you are saying are normal for a park of this size. Line Cutting- My only question was that was anyone watching the line? If not it is the parks fault. Rides Closed- Which rides were closed? Just curious. (Kingda Ka has been down for a while so I know that one was) Management- Now that is really inexusable, management should be around the park watching how it is running, not having any is bad management! Safety and rides- Now the ride ops are supposed to run the rides as fast as possible and on a day like you went it would be a good thing to get people on as fast as possible. Not sure what to make about the hand crushing incident but which ride was this on? Ride ops should NOT put line speed over safety. Food Prices- This is normal at any amusment park, food prices will always be high, also with the picnic areas.... I would not use them as you learned, I suggest getting a hand stamp and going out to your car to eat. Sorry to hear about the picnic area being so crowded. Fast Passes- They are not like disney in this way, fast passes are for you being able to ride other rides while you wait in a virtual Q for the major ride you want to go on. I am really sorry to hear that you have a bad day at the park, normally the park is very fun and runs smoothly... You must have went on a bad day, sorry this one visit ruined your time at Six Flags Great Adventure.
  24. I'm gonna say one thing, mindy could be wrong, but she could be right. Don't discount her just because you want a giga coaster, and she is saying the opposite, because you could be right she might not have her facts right but you could also be wrong and what she is saying could be completly true and you do get a 240ft tall coaster not the giga you were hoping for. What I am saying is don't discount someone because they are saying something you don't want to be true.
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