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  1. If you like this, go buy (rent, download) Man on Wire for more lying-down-on-thin-wire action. Only this time on the Empire State Building.
  2. Oh Title Fairy, I've frequented this site since I was a wee lad of 9 years old, way pre-forum. I became hooked after seeing the "What Not To Do on a Roller Coaster" animation. I am the 344th member of this fine social bulletin and joined only 6 days after its establishment. So much time has been wasted on this website... You simply OWE it to me to give me one of your famed hand tossed fresh custom titles. My current one is way too 2005.
  3. BGE. You can't pass up a chance to ride Griffon AND Apollo's Chariot, now can you?
  4. Very cool park. You are really pushing the limits of RCT2! Makes me want to go and re-install RCT2 right now...
  5. Happy birthday Elissa! You get a Remy stuffed animal!
  6. I love it! It's laid back and simple, which, when pulled off correctly, looks amazing. I'd visit your park
  7. A POV of that would be most interesting... Hehe, it's rides like this when you think "What if TOGO made it?"
  8. Hmm, if it's only your CD drive that's broken, couldn't you just replace it? Cheaper than a new computer, and easy to install... Then again, if this is just a cheap excuse to get a new computer
  9. Very cool update! Poor Disneyland castle... it tries so hard... (And I guess happy birthday KidTums!)
  10. Are you by any chance going to be there any time on the 21st? Nope, should be there this Sunday the 16th.
  11. I just want to take this time to say I CALLED IT! Go me! Really cool job on the coaster. Your best yet! The drop off the cliff is amazing!
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