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  1. This video is so brutal. Its Unanswered by Suicide Silence.
  2. The black guy that pushed Locke around in the hospital and went to see Hurley in the Mental Hospital is in Fringe right now and Juliet is in V. Both of which are ABC shows. I like how they remain busy while LOST is in hiatus.
  3. Tiesto! He's my favorite DJ out there. His songs are very epic. Too bad he's not headlining. Muse is good too, I hope they don't get overplayed like Coldplay did. Muse is getting almost TOO popular.
  4. Before Their Eyes - Dawn of my Death ^^Sonata Arctica is good by the way.
  5. Is Libby following Hurley? Remember at the end of the episode "Dave" where it shows Libby sitting in the mental hospital staring at him? I know I am just asking questions but I want to know if they explained it yet. I'm not sure if I missed something.
  6. ^That happened to me too. Does anyone know how to fix the cars glitching after tilting 180 degrees?
  7. ^^I love Swimming with Dolphins! Everything's a Miracle is so cool with all the choppiness. Good lyrics! I like this part of Indonesia by August Burns Red:
  8. Those Cannons Could Sink a Ship - A Skylit Drive
  9. ^That would be awesome! They would have to put in Dharmaville, the Temple of the Smoke Monster, and the big foot. That would be cool! Also I like in Hurley's dream when Jin (I think it was Jin) is in the chicken suit and he speaks perfect English. Lost is amazing.
  10. I love the wide shots of the cast. It always makes me curious who the new people are. I'm glad Jin is still in the show, he's the man!
  11. I don't want to go to school tomorrow. I'm in only junior high but still school is boring and it's the same thing everyday. I actually can't wait for high school.
  12. My over-protective parents who banned many things from my life have now decided to ban online gaming. I was playing Half-Life 2 Deathmatch and some stupid guy was cussing for no reason as my Mom decided to sit down and watch me play. So there goes one more fun thing from my life. It also seems like everytime she comes into a room some bad thing happens. I will be watching a good TV show or something then right when something "R-rated" happens she walks into the room. I don't know how she does it!!! Well, there's a load off my mind... ^Oh by the way, Lady GaGa is not God, she is however Michael Jackson.
  13. That was a pretty epic countdown on the Sky Tower. That was a good video and good pictures. I love Coca-Cola...especially in bottles!
  14. Now You've Got Something to Die For - Lamb of God
  15. I like it, the layout of the B&M is very unique. I like it. Your themeing in Okinawa is also good. I don't have any tips because you did a fantastic job so far.
  16. ^I love that song. John Foreman's guest vocals are really good. I'm surprised Relient K wrote such a long song. I really like those lyrics too, they are very deep and meaningful. Good pick.
  17. I watched the music video of Dance or Die by Family Force 5 and it is really unique. In part of it they are just doing random karate moves and stuff. If you don't know, Family Force 5 is an electronica band with hardcore influences. They are sort of a rap parody band at some parts. So here's the video for Dance or Die by Family Force 5.
  18. ^^The guy from Owl City is VERY good. I hate all the people that only like Fireflies. It's so annoying! Every single CD that he made is super good and I love all his songs.
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