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  1. ^I think I saw an interview and the writers promised that they would not leave anything unexplained. But, with all the mysteries still untold I think it might be hard to explain everything in this last season.
  2. It's sort of a bitter sweet for me. I loved the whole show and I wish it could go on forever but I am glad that the loose ends will be tied up.
  3. ^Yeah, I hate it when the floor gets all nasty. But yeah it was a fun show. I love Jag so much. He is an amazing singer.
  4. Great, so the airhead CEO is staying as the head honcho. I was hoping Apollo would kick him out of the CEO position. They need to get a new guy in there who knows what to do!
  5. A Skylit Drive's new-ish album Adelphia is so good. (cough < cough) The opening song Prelude to a Dream is so powerful. I love the whole CD. I was looking around on youtube for A Skylit Drive and found a bunch of HQ videos of them playing at The Glasshouse in Pomona. If you like Wires and the Concept of Breathing then you should check the videos out.
  6. Lady GaGa is amazing. Bad Romance is the best song on Fame Monster. Dr. Shavargo Pt. 3 - Attack Attack!
  7. ^It's pretty cool! I love it! I learned a LOT of stuff about the show I didn't know before. I found a BUNCH of LOST products on www.zazzle.com. They have a good selection of LOST T-shirts. I want to get the "What Would Locke Do?" shirt.
  8. Ha! I love Ferris wheels (especially Ferris wheels that swing back and forth) Nice, I would like to go to Coney Island sometime...
  9. ^^ That's exactly what I did! I watched the pilot then got hooked and atched the rest of the seasons. I did think the time traveling was sort of a stretch but I didn't find it over the top. I like the actor who played Juliet in the new show V. V is another ABC show written by J.J. Abrams. He's a genius!
  10. Sue Simmons! Watch Your Mouth - Drop Dead, Gorgeous
  11. I listened to that song yesterday for the first time. It was actually pretty good. Two Birds One Stone - Drop Dead, Gorgeous
  12. One time I drew detailed blueprints for a rollercoaster I was planning on building on RCT3 when I got home from school and my teacher said that was very unique "art" I was making. I never drew rollercoasters on the back of worksheets since.
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