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  1. I've always wondered where coaster manufacturers put there company name. Now I will be looking at the wheels.
  2. I was nervous riding Montezooma for the first time with only the lap restraint and seat-belt. That was before I understood physics and G-Forces. Now it is one of my favorite looping coasters.
  3. I do that ALL the time with line graphs. I am not that good at drawing coaster trains though so they do not look that realistic. My teacher says she "loves my creativity".
  4. ^^ & ^^^ Amen The Scorpion Deathlock - The Devil Wears Prada
  5. ^Some people just do not know how to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It's either that or they are just lazy. So, A Skylit Drive is my new favorite right now. I hate how people make fun of Michael's (a.k.a. Jag) singing just because it is high and falsetto. That is just pure skill people! A Skylit Drive is not that good of a live band though. They are definitely a studio band.
  6. Oh! Yes, I had a field trip in 4th grade and we got to ride the Goose. It's that cool steel truckish looking thing that goes on the Calico Express track right? That was fun.
  7. ^Wait! There is a BARN on your campus! That is freakin sweet. That sucks, I have had some pretty lame vice-principals. I had one that said you couldn't wear hats that were not school colors. Pretty much all the principals I've had have been cool though.
  8. Numbered With the Transgressors - Earth from Above
  9. ^Neglect is a good way of putting it. If they would only take care of the rides instead of letting them deteriorate they would (as you said) have many coasters up in the ranks again. BTW, I haven't heard of the Grey Goose until now. Where is that?
  10. ^That was an amazing metaphor (or whatever you call it.) Well, for me I DO NOT like elements / the Periodic Table. For me it is one big confusing blob of numbers and letters. I mean, some of the elements don't even fit the letters that describe them! (i.e. Sodium = Na) I can't wait until this section is over...
  11. Actually, yes. Is this thread just a chance for people to raise their post count?
  12. Jaguar and Montezooma's Revenge are both classics. I look forward to riding them each visit. Jaguar is not poorly themed but just kind of old and run-down. They just need to refurbish the line/station. Putting in a large B&M (or any large coaster) where Jaguar and Montezooma's Revenge are would destroy the entire atmospheres of Fiesta Village and Camp Snoopy. Putting in a large coaster right in that small space is a horrible idea.
  13. Either you are a pro or you have way to much time on your hands...I think your a pro. Seriously I am blown away by the amazing attention to detail incorporated into the park. All the pirate scenes outside the buildings and how you were able to create all these custom and modded slides (and river) were absolutely amazing! The parking lots alone were just pure genius. Words cannot describe how...well, I can't describe it! Amazing, just amazing. Keep up the amazing work.
  14. How does management let their company go that far into debt? Will CF file for bankruptcy if they do not raise their profits soon? I think it could be good for KBF to get some new management other than CF if they did go out of business.
  15. ^I agree with most of your opinions except Perilous Plunge. I think Perilous Plunge was a great addition that added a lot to the Boardwalk atmosphere. Not having water in the boardwalk area would be lame. I don't like the new boats though. When standing on the bridge, your feet barely get wet. You used to be able to stand in the back and still get very wet. You now only get sprinkled if you are lucky and the wind is in your favor.
  16. A few dozen doughnuts. Does anyone think LIM launched water slides are weird? Edit (that was weird, EBL and I posted at the same time)
  17. Does Knott's own all the land across the street behind Claim Jumper? I am asking because I was thinking that maybe they could expand across the street somehow like the underground tunnel from Knott's to the parking lot for Soak City.
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