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  1. Yes! Finally. I can't wait for them to finish! I am totally psyched to ride the new and improved Ghost Rider. Does anyone know how much of the track they are refirbishing? Is it the whole thing?
  2. ^Cause they think the whole universe revolves around them.
  3. (Rant about myself) - I made an AMAZING Intamin on RCT3 and I didn't save the track design yet and I quit the level where I built it. I *thought* I took screenshots but I don't even have those. I had it all done with shrubbery, supports, a lake, station building, and a little courtyard outside the line. I hope I can find the screenshots at least...
  4. ^I'll bet you're WAYY more mature than the 7th graders at my school. They look like 5 year olds...not kidding
  5. I just remembered another Xcelerator ride op. that was funny. A lady sitting behind me got on with her boyfriend, then she got really freaked out when she pulled down her lap bar and begged a ride op. to let her off. He just stared at her for a while then let her off. When she and her boyfriend got off they walked the wrong way and every single ride op. told them to go the opposite direction and follow the exit signs. It took them a while to finally turn around.
  6. Today at KBF...ride ops. on Xcelerator: 1. "10...9...8...1" (launch) 2. "Enjoy your ride on the Magic Schoolbus"
  7. My Language Arts class is so fun! The teacher plays music on his iHome during the class and he is really funny and sarcastic at all the slackers in the class. I'm thinking that this year's Lang. Arts class will be great!
  8. Awww geez. This is one of if not the best park I've seen in a long time. I like all the originality. I also use plain RCT2. Nice job!
  9. Alright...I finished Gargoyle up for you Stoksy. SCR5.BMP Overview SCR4.BMP SCR3.BMP SCR2.BMP SCR1.BMP
  10. I got lazy and haven't updated in a while so here we go. This is the newest coaster I made about 15 minutes ago... SCR8.BMP SCR7.BMP SCR6.BMP SCR5.BMP layout SCR4.BMP SCR3.BMP first drop SCR2.BMP SCR1.BMP Station building for Gargoyle
  11. Knott's is my favorite and home park and I love Disney. Put the two together...voila!
  12. I think my computer owns all your computers in stupidness. I clicked the download icon for the park and my computer just turned off. Hmmmm...
  13. My school day 7:20 Get ready 8:25 Get a ride to school 8:31 Start school 3:00 School ends and I walk home 3:30 Get home My classes 1st-US History 2nd-Physical Science 3rd-Spanish 1A 4th-P.E. 5th-Algebra 6th-Language Arts
  14. I have to write my book report...it's due on the first day of school which is Thursday. Yeah, I'm a procrastinator.
  15. ^It better be better (that was unintentional)! Those swings were awesome. I remember the ride op. telling riders he was going to make it go backwards...the look on their faces.
  16. ^ & ^^ I love Lost and Owl City! A Twix: 99 cents
  17. ^Why didn't you get on-campus housing?
  18. ^ May I ask why this is in the school thread?
  19. Fruit of the Loom undershirt boxers P.E. shorts I haven't showered yet...
  20. ^^I hate that so much. You can't even tell what they're saying. It's just loud noise in the station building, but down by the exit, you can hear what they are saying clearly.
  21. Chicken Cheddar Quesadilla from Del Taco - $2.something
  22. Does anyone know the bald ride op for Splash Mountain? Well, the ride broke down yesterday and he was notifying people outside the station building that the ride broke down and he walked by me and stopped, backstepped and turned at me and said "Your shirt is very...3-D." He was pretty tripped out.
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