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  1. It would be to girly if they added cotton candy food coloring. Can I come?
  2. Convulsions and spasms in your diaphragm. When will Memphis finally be laid to waste?
  3. Partly. They use it to lubricate the track. Is Sweeney Todd emo?
  4. Give it an icy stare...cause it's not Pepsi! Might I interest you in some honey roasted turkey sandwiches?
  5. What??? The supports at the top of the lift don't even touch the ground! That just looks wrong.
  6. I am always hoping every time I ride Xcelerator that it will rollback. It has not happened yet though.
  7. I had no idea how weird coaster supports could get! Don't they have to be up to some kind of construction code or something?
  8. Personally, I don't care if Demon Drop comes to Knotts. If they do replace Screamin' Swing I wouldn't care. I went on once and did not have the desire to go back on again. I think Demon Drop is a good addition to the park, but if they keep adding stuff they will run out of the room that they don't have!
  9. Oh, man. I watched the Pilot online after season 5 ended and then I watched all 5 seasons this summer. You could say I got addicted. I was so surprised when I watched the Pilot. I thought LOST was a reality show but boy was I wrong. I had no idea the crazy story they could come up with just from a plane crashing on an island. I am now thinking of getting a Dharma shirt or jacket. I would also love to get a blue hippy van with the Dharma symbol on the front just like in the show.
  10. This is a shirt design you can buy at Zambooie and I was thinking of getting it but I decided not too.
  11. My school's dances are so lame. I would know, I was in the "Student Activities" committee last year and the dances were so horrible and boring. I know that I will definitely not go to any dances this year.
  12. Different strokes for different folks, paintballer. Personally I love Coldplay and I am not going to argue anymore on that subject. Right now I have been into a lot of indie and folk bands like Fleet Foxes, Death Cab for Cutie, the Weepies, and Band of Horses. The Weepies are very good. A like the variety they provide with two singers. Death Cab's newish EP The Open Door is very good. I love Grapevine Fires. The video is great!
  13. Then there would be no one to start it again! Why did some loser have to hack this site?
  14. ^All those Disney shows are like my guilty pleasures. I really do enjoy them quite a lot.
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