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  1. In my opinion season 2 was the worst season of LOST. It just seemed kind of slow moving while the rest of the seasons went by like a breeze. I came in late in the show and while I was watching LOST on Netflix I just kept watching episode after episode. I would hate to watch it on TV and have to wait a whole week for the next episode to come out. I have also been watching Leverage on Netflix but I stopped for a while so I should check back again and see if there are any new episodes available.
  2. OK, I think everybody should stop bickering and "insulting" paintballer because if nobody stops this fighting, it will go on forever. So, can people start actually talking about their favorite TV show and stop arguing back and forth about things that are not on topic? Thank you.
  3. Destroy the Runner shirt, blue skinny jeans, maroon converse
  4. Anyone who does not like Ghost Rider now should wait until Knotts has finished refurbishing it. I have hope that it will be way smoother.
  5. Because safety comes first!!! I heard you like Bobby...is this true?
  6. A The Chariot shirt and my P.E. shorts (what I slept in).
  7. ^I have to agree that Mulholland Madness is one of the worst coasters in California. I've been on it 2 times and have had no desires to do it again. It just doesn't seem special in any way.
  8. Why can't we all resolve our differences and stop arguing about stupid things!! This is a thread to discuss your favorite TV show, not to argue about why South Park is or isn't a bad show. Also, I'm a "ginger" but you don't hear me whining about people making fun of me! In fact, all my friends nicknamed me Gingy and I think it's a funny nickname. Everyone has different opinions, learn to except it. Ok, the LOST Season 5 cliffhanger is amazing. Juliett smacks the bomb with the rock and everything explodes. Also Ben killing Jacob was a total *what the heck!* moment. I can't wait for season 6.
  9. I'm in love with LOST. I came in late and got some season 5 bootlegs and am catching up with the rest of the world before season 6 starts.
  10. They were secretly the founding fathers of the U.S. Before you judge me, am I the one to set you free?
  11. You're addicted to TPR. Do chickens cause the weary to make toast?
  12. Escalator heaven. In fact most baby escalator steps wait their whole lives just for someone to put their nasty gum infested shoes on them. Perplexed is often considered a pronoun?!
  13. I for one enjoy your guys' sense of humor. It's totally original.
  14. ^Common Dreads is a great album. Solidarity is an amazing song. It's so full of adrenaline and energy.
  15. Ahh, it's just a U2 rip off. I don't like most Pop music, but U2's early stuff is great. Not so much a fan of their more recent, poppy material. What??? You think Coldplay is a U2 rip-off?! They are both totally different bands! Coldplay has some mellow songs (i.e. Sparks and Swallowed in the Sea) and upbeat songs (i.e. Life in Techicolor ii, Viva la Vida, Lost!). What I am trying to get at is Coldplay has variety. U2 has a lot of the same kind of material with not a lot of variety. I'd say one of the only things they have in common is that they are both college bands.
  16. That was probably the most hilarious TP I have ever read. I am not kidding, I was laughing out loud (I wrote the whole phrase out) almost the whole time. I loved the whole story about Ratzenberger...nice job guys!
  17. Lost is my favorite show right now. The only thing is I started watching during the 5th season so I had to watch all the first 4 seasons and have to wait for Season 5 on DVD before I can start watching the 6th season. I swear once you watch 1 episode, you get hooked.
  18. The snot and brains they blend into it. What does a yellow flamingo look like? (not a Pink Lemonade Flamingo)
  19. ^ Uggh. I am not a good speaker at all. I feel for you.
  20. I changed mine to the Haste the Day album cover for Burning Bridges.
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