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  1. Why does everyone think the Mindbender crew one the screaming match. TPR totally and utterly flattened the Mindbender crew hands down.
  2. It's an incentive for people to come to a restaurant or store quickly. Do you like my humble abode?
  3. I don't know anyone who drives on their parkway....it's grass. Are you a jota?
  4. You have nothing better to do with your life? Is it possible?
  5. Parachutes is so great. I've been listening to it a lot recently. Don't Panic and Sparks are the best songs on the album. Coldplay is just a great band overall.
  6. Because you eat too much. What if I can't check my myspace when we get there?
  7. Because monkies throw poo. Does the Intimidator 350 intimidate you?
  8. Yes, I have heard it is very hot with blood and a yellow substance on top of it also. It sleeps in a huge bread roll. Why?
  9. ^He can still rant right? Everything doesn't have to be about motorcycles...
  10. eleventy five thousandy six, easy. Is it a better game than checkers?
  11. Because Belgium Fries doesn't roll off the tongue. What's the meaning of LIFE?
  12. ^Speaking of being sick, I was sick this WHOLE week and I am trying to get perfect attendance this year so I had to go to school feeling like crap for 5 days straight.
  13. -200 billion. (Was that stupid enough?) How do you sell a chicken to a dead man? (from the movie That Thing You Do)
  14. Because you haven't eaten in two whole weeks. What happens when you're stuck in reverse?
  15. ^That's the way to go...nice. I had Del Taco all summer, I am kinda sick of it now but soon I will crave it again.
  16. I was in a music class in Elementary School and I just acted like I was actually playing most of the time...
  17. ^It is a great site...it's just hard to find your way around with all the Dutch.
  18. I really hope Knotts can get this cleared out of the way seeing that it is my home and favorite park. I would hate for them to get a bad reputation or worse...close down.
  19. Yes, ebandstore.com and zambooie.com have great selections.
  20. ^Holy crap! That think looks like it gets going so fast! I like how the track tilts as it gets faster.
  21. Was the accident just a fluke or does this happen very often? It kind of makes me not want to ride in the front row anymore...
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