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  1. Still waiting for a new one since Time Traveler. In fact, I don't know that I've ridden any coaster since March 2018...
  2. GAHHHHHH I just wrote a long, detailed post about our trip this weekend, but then my computer decided to restart while I made lunch. Short version: We went Sunday. Lined up at the rope at 9:15 (opened at 9:30). Time Traveler was not running at 9:30 due to it being too cold. We grabbed breakfast then queued up for TT at about 9:55. "Fun pic" station is a choke point in the queue - we got through it and the bottom level of TT was about 80% empty- makes you wonder how it will affect crowd control once TT is running at full capacity. The first TT train of the day rolled at 10:15. We
  3. Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but there are a lot of pages to sort through on this thread. For some reason, the ranking list is having issues re-ordering itself. When I manually re-order them, it sometimes works, but sometimes won't reorder the coasters after it... and sometimes only registers the first digit (21 becomes 2). When I drag and drop, it's assigning a number that is sometimes #1 (despite being dropped between 11 and 13, for example), and sometimes is a completely different number. All of these problems are on Chrome. Sidewinder from Elitch Gardens is still
  4. ^^ This is true. We've been three times this season so far, and Finnish Fling has been down all day, all three times. Viking Voyager was down twice that we saw (admittedly once was due to weather). Prowler, Mamba, Spinning Dragons, and Timberwolf were each down at least once for at least part of the day (I've been touring with preschoolers, so I've just been noticing the coasters in passing). In a couple weeks I hope to go solo to get my coasters in, and I don't have a lot of confidence that all the majors will be running. Not really sure what's going on. Before this season, we hadn't
  5. It was closed on Saturday when we went, and they had an employee sitting in front shooing people away. Could have been due to weather though, as it was pretty stormy when we were walking by.
  6. I just watch on Youtube, mostly because I'm showing my daughters different roller coasters for parks we will be visiting... or I'm checking out coasters I will likely never see- overseas, for example.
  7. Well, like I said (or maybe not; I edited that post so many times), I'm not at all a fan of Hulk or RRR. Hulk was a pretty OK coaster, but not worth the wait. RRR's non-inverted loop was SO underwhelming compared to a regular loop. Both the Flying Dino and Hollywood Dream look amazing as roller coasters go. Does the backward version count as another coaster credit? Okay, you've convinced me. Next time I'm in Japan, I'll have to check out USJ. Should it be seen before or after Tokyo Disneyland?
  8. I'm not even sure what you're saying in your response. If you're saying that Universal Japan looks like Six Flags, you're insane and totally mistaken. If you're saying that Universal Japan doesn't look anywhere near as good as Universal Orlando, you're insane and totally mistaken. Universal Japan is significantly better than Orlando in every way. Operations, clientele, selection of rides, guest service, food and drink options, merchandise, entertainment, and an overall guest experience. Maybe if you were a bit more clear with your words I could understand what your thought was, but
  9. Looks cool, but I really feel like "immersion" and theming is what separates Disney and Universal from the "Six Flags"-style parks of the world. It just doesn't look like it's there on these roller coasters (although admittedly you didn't show us the queue lines). Don't get me wrong - I'd still visit if I were in the neighborhood, but I don't see anything that rivals USO. Cool trip, though!
  10. Orlando Informer makes an interesting argument that they might soft open the Hogwarts Express. They point out that the IoA and USO hours synchronize for the first time in March and April and also the fact that King's Cross (train station) can be open while still keeping Diagon Alley itself closed. March might be early, but they might be doing technical rehearsals by then with full operations by April or May...
  11. Dummy windows then? I wouldn't imagine they'd want guests staring at untreated backstage areas.
  12. Curious to see if this will be open in late May/early June when I'm there... but I kinda doubt it. "Summer" seems to mean July/August. Here's something that bugs me- when we're going down, we're allowing two days for Universal (which is actually twice as long as we've EVER spent down there). We plan to do one day in IOA and one in USO. Assuming that Diagon Alley is actually open (which I doubt), I will be more than a little annoyed if they will not let us ride the train just because we don't have park hoppers. Honestly, it's not that hard to figure out. You just have turnstiles on
  13. I didn't think Vekoma did BTMRR, and I thought they only did Gadgets Go Coaster in Paris. I was just using Wikipedia for confirmation so I could be completely wrong about that.
  14. -Boomerang at Elitch Gardens, Zydeco Scream at Jazzland (Six Flags New Orleans), and then many more times at Worlds of Fun. Not clones, but I love Expedition Everest and Rock N Roller Coaster.
  15. I'll have to say that front seat on Outlaw's Run is ridiculous. Hanging on the edge of the drop and you STILL can't see the track on the way down due to the angle? Amazing. On top of that, they use the terrain to add an extra 50+ feet to the first drop and then kick it up to a speed that would make most steel coasters nervous. Get there if you can, and ride this sucker!
  16. Quick trip report. My DW and I went to SDC as chaperones for a school trip Monday. We hadn't been there since July of 2011, so we were pleasantly surprised by the changes. Ten thoughts, arranged in random order: 1) First and foremost, Outlaw's Run is the best roller coaster I've ever been on, period. When you perch atop that first drop and can't see the entire track until you're actually falling, you know you're in for an exciting ride. It just kicked Worlds of Fun's Prowler off the top of my woody list. 2) The new Tom Sawyer area is really nicely themed. We didn't ride the ride,
  17. Since we have family in SW Missouri, we've done the Branson thing (we really like Silver Dollar City). Also, since we're only a few hours from KC, we've done that trip too. The Indiana suggestion is interesting... I had no idea that there were so many parks in that area!
  18. Hey, guys! Trying to pick a nice driveable vacation this year for our anniversary trip in May. Of course, I want to hit exciting roller coasters and tourist attractions, and my wife wants things like museums, river walks, and the like. We're sort of looking at a 10-12 hour radius from KS (at the farthest). I just need some suggestions for whether or not the theme parks would be worth the trip or not. Here are our thoughts: Drive 12 hours up to Chicago, spend a day there, then 3 hours out to Indiana to visit my best friend and his wife, then 3 hours out to Sandusky, OH, for Cedar Po
  19. I was reading that the Paramount Parks used to be more heavily themed before they were sold. It's sad to see this sort of thing go by the wayside. One of my favorite parks is Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO. The entire park feels like you've stepped back in time, and the rides continue that illusion, whether the story calls for an exploding dynamite shed or a turn of the century weather device. No ride exists for its own sake, but they all play into the fantasy of the park. To me it's a richer experience (plus the SDC roller coasters are no slouches).
  20. Well, I already know where I can go for exciting roller coasters. My question is this- after Disney and Universal, what parks in the US are the best in terms of THEMED rides? We're talking miles of ambiance, elaborate pre-shows and queues, and other theming designed to remove you from the amusement park vibe. Does anything stack up against what goes down in Orlando and Cali?
  21. "You have to let us in today, the internet said it would be open!" Wow. People are dumb. I suspect Universal will have plenty of soft opening opportunities for the folks who paid through the teeth for a vacation package. How did the crowd over there look? If it's as many as I suspect, I don't think Universal would need to even bother with a GP soft open before the grand opening. I mean, what's the point of a soft open? I'm not a brilliant expert, but I can only think of two reasons: 1) As a sort of beta test for new attractions- put some stress on them with actual guests and see
  22. But it's not ERT if the GP gets in, too. I don't know. I think I'd be more upset if I paid for a Harry Potter package and the area isn't up to 100% functionality, which I doubt it is. Back in February, they were touting the land as being OPEN, but kudos to Universal for making good with the package guests.
  23. Why would you speculate that they would let you in without buying the package? That would be a great way to make the paying customers upset. How would you feel if you paid extra for a Harry Potter package and then they let everybody else in?
  24. ^^ Shoot, that part's easy. You just hand eligible guests a voucher when they check in that they must present when they arrive at IOA. Either they present it at the Hogsmeade gate or they put together a secondary gate for Harry Potter Package guests. Not difficult in the least. I'd expect nothing but the shops to be open, though (excluding Dragon Challenge, of course).
  25. So my wife and I are considering a trip from the Kansas City area down to Houston this summer to visit her best friend. Any thoughts for parks we might visit on the way or parks we should avoid?
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