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  1. I did rotate them for some reason they didn't show up that way but I posted them. Oh well. The colors really look great and I can't wait for this ride once it's done! Thanks for posting. Sorry these guys are acting so immature. I wish we can be serious and focus on a more serious matter. Anyway, can anyone confirm the rumor that Snake River falls was originally designed with a cobra roll but the State of Ohio would not approve? Roller coasters. srs bsns.
  2. It appears that the supports for the loop need to be positioned before Voyage, which is the only criteria there.
  3. I would hope so, but they really did leave the area around the spaghetti bowl on Voyage decently bare, so we'll see.
  4. Can confirm, am the vertical loop that didn't get installed. I was installed in Full Throttle instead.
  5. Yikes, I certainly hope it's not that bad this weekend. I don't really have choice, as I'm visiting from out of town, but I'm planning on arriving early to beat any lines. Not crazy about the cool weather either, so I won't be staying after sundown. Is there early entry for Membership holders? Only for Discover cardholders.
  6. It just started raining here again. Don't expect much today. The forecast looks fine for the rest of the day, no need to be so melodramatic.
  7. "Ahh crap it's starting to rain. Quick, get inside! Just leave that piece of track hanging there, it'll be cool. It weighs enough."
  8. There were no changes to the layout. Dan got somebody that used to be on Holiday World's maintenance team to re-track the ride. All they really did is just replace the top two layers, which sorta has me worried since the ride has been sitting for so long. You'd think a complete re-track would have been ideal, given how long the ride has been out of operation. I guess we'll find out how well the ride holds up! Well think of it, that's almost ideal. When a ride is operational you have a multi-ton train bashing into the track nearly continually. When it's SBNO there are no extreme external forces to damage the ride.
  9. I went to CP on the first Saturday of Halloweekends this year. The entire overflow was full. There were thousands of people waiting in line.
  10. Aww yeah, that's the kind of thing I like to hear! The Beast was riding good in the beginning of summer, too. It's been a good 35 years so far.
  11. At the same time it could all be a hoax. Meaning, it's generating buzz perhaps in the exact way they want it to. Watching the video it really still screams 'advertising tactic' to me. I'm sure there's a lot of people thinking, "Holy crap, I gotta try this."
  12. Awesome stuff! I was there the last week the bumper boats and bumper tag was there. That was also my first trip to the park, and it feels very special. I can't wait for a return trip next year to see Impulse.
  13. Thank you very much for getting the second webcam pushed through. There really is no greater way to build anticipation for a new attraction than using live feeds.
  14. With construction cameras I guess everyone is a project manager.
  15. I'd imagine the announcement will be sometime in the late November/December time frame like it has in the past. They talk about how lodging revenue is up. Whenever I'm in Coopersville for work I always stay in Muskegon to boost those numbers. I would love to think that maybe me staying there every other week for 9 months would somehow push MIA over the top and get something good for next year.
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