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  1. Grizzly is the worst. I'd much rather ride Gold Striker instead & I don't go on Grizzly anymore. & Grizzly has the slowest loading operation ever. I could even fall asleep in line it takes forever! Gold Striker & SFMM's Colossus are my favorite woodies.
  2. I have only been on these inverted's: -Flight Deck CGA -Batman SFMM -Montu BGT -Fire & Ice IOA Out of all of them I like Fire & Montu the best.
  3. I just got back from 2 days there. 1st day I forgot to go on Transformers! I did the 2nd day the wait was very long & had broken down the first time I tried to ride it. Went back to it later it was up & running again but however just after I finished the whole ride & my car was right before the exit it broke down. Only was stuck for about 10 min. An attendant came by to open the car but after getting off they gave everyone a free Universal Express pass. Rockit was closed the whole time I was there. It was testing late Friday afternoon. I was looking forward to Rockit again because last year I went on it 3 times. That was my first time on it last year. Hulk wow what a coaster high up on my list of favorites I rode it at least 6 times. Dudley Do Right I love that log ride so fun. It had actually started pouring rain when my log entered the outside parts. Dudley Do Right & Splash Mountain are my favorite log flumes. I enjoy Despicable Me what a great ride however the wait was like 90 min both days. I had the one use Express Pass so that came in handy. I did not go on Harry Potter this time. Didn't feel up to the rocking/tilting. I did go on it last year though. Rode the Dragon Challenge both sides. Jurassic Park love it. I always request the front for Jurassic Park, Dudley, & Splash. You get just drenched in the front row on Jurassic Park & Dudley. But the WDW Splash in the front just a light spray. Disaster is a great show. I am so glad they didn't get rid of the tram part from Earthquake. & ET what a classic one of my favorites. That classic has to stay I hope they never get rid of it. & The Revenge Of The Mummy is super short but it's still good.
  4. Oh I've got a lump in my throat. How very depressing. Maybe they can shine it up & send it back to CGA where it belongs & give it back it's original Tidal Wave theme.
  5. ^What??? Line out the entrance at Gold Striker on a Tuesday? CGA seems to be busy no matter what day you go. I remember like back in 2002 the park was so dead during the week in the summer. Crowd levels sure have changed & a new generation of park goers.
  6. Demon I know sit in the very last seat which is known as the magic seat. You get a nice ride & especially your head doesn't jerk down going through the loops. But the front seat ouch! Vortex & Grizzly I don't even bother riding anymore. No Happy Feet movie likes? I thought it sucked. Saw it 1 time & won't see it again. Already miss Spongebob.
  7. Yey so awesome & finally there will be no more problems with Gold Striker. Whoo hoo. Can't wait to go next week since I canceled my visit this week after finding out on here Gold Striker would be closed. Oh well next week will be here soon enough.
  8. Or I know put a huge ugly pink sound proof dome over Great America like Circus Circus Adventure Dome. Cedar Fair needs to become real creative here so that Prudenal will zip their lips once in for all. Cedar Fair needs to consider our ideas.
  9. Oh I know enclose Gold Striker in a building & have it run in pitch black darkness like Space Mountain or make gem caverns around the track & have the train zoom in & out of some caverns inside & have strobe colored spot lights flashing around the ride but inside is still dark the only light would be from the strobe colored spot lights. That would be pretty cool.
  10. Me too I'll be screaming as LOUD as I can on Goldy when I go next week to show Prudental who's in charge here. You guys scream as loud as you can too. What a huge headache they are it's not fair. Gold Striker better not get torn down just because of them. Cedar Fair CAN'T let that happen. Why can't the city build a nice ugly sound proof wall around their stupid office building? Next Prudental will start complaining about the 49er game traffic. At least that will take their complaints away from Great America hopefully.
  11. Only 10 rides so far. Darn it I was looking forward to riding it. Maybe I'll put off my visit tomorrow & go another day this month. Just when I wanted some Gold Striker adrenalin rush. Was looking forward to it tomorrow but then I find out it was closed today. Bummer.
  12. Does anybody know if Gold Striker will be open tomorrow? I know it was closed today & I was hoping to ride it tomorrow.
  13. How bad are the lightening bolt storms first week of August? & How long do August storms last? & What time do they start? & Is it safe enough to walk out in the open of the parks to get to the indoor rides or do you suggest walking as close to buildings as possible? I'd still like to stay in the park even if a storm hits to do the indoor rides. Last year I went to Orlando first week of July & I got cut short 2 hours. The lightening bolt storm started around 7pm & lasted around 2 hours. I didn't know what to do so I hurried to the guest drop off along with everyone else leaving. That was my first day & all other 3 days were fine no rain/storms.
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