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The Best Terrain Coaster

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Whats Dragons Mountain?

It's an Arrow looper at MarineLand in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. It's been operating for 23 years now.




There's the RCDB profile for it. It's pretty long, and really uses the terrain well. It seems slow and forceless, however, and man the lift hill takes forever to get up.


Despite it only being about an hour and twenty minutes away, I've never been on this coaster. Maybe it's something to do with the park costing $40 a damn visit. Ugh. Not worth it for a single credit [i have the Tivoli credit].

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BoulderDash and Beast win the terrain category hands down.

Not surprisingly, these are my #1 and #2 coasters of any type.

For steel I'd have to go with the three built on the sides of a certain magic mountain (Gold Rusher, Ninja, and Tatsu), any of which are more fun than their flatland counterparts.

Terrain coaster = automatically more appealing.

Honorable mentions: Top Gun at PKI, the Kennywoodies, & Krypton @ FiestaTX.


Going over 50mph through here, not even half done yet.... BoulderDash is king!

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For me, it depends on what you call a terrain coaster.


1. Hades-great coaster that never lets up

2. Zeus-air time, air time, air time

3. Whizzer-great classic

4. Cyclops-great ride filled with air time

5. Iron Dragon-I actually like this coaster, but it is the only suspended I've ridden

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very few of these sound like terrain coasters?? Beast yeah, because it just sorta runs along the ground never far off except for the 2 lifts. AC, LNM at BGE are not really terrain, the are built high off the ground. Jack Rabbit at KW kinda fits here, the first drop and second half of double dip I don't think even require supports!!! There is grass growing up between the rails!!!

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Just going by what I've been on, I'm caught somewhere between Hydra, Phantom's Revenge, Thunderbolt, Hercules, Loch Ness, Big Bad Wolf, and........... the Vekoma SLC [Am I the only one who actually thinks that they're good coasters?]


So basically, I'm stuck between Pittsburgh, Allentown, and Williamsburg.

Could that be somewhere in West Virginia?


I'm indecisive when it comes to these things -

Someone pick one and put some words in my mouth.

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