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  1. I can''t belive how popular the West Coast Bash has become thank you to all of you for making it enjoyable and i must say my days of missing out on events like this are over we are more then just friends we are one ""HUGE"" family take care everyone and see you next year
  2. Hey Robb, I am leaving my place around 5:30 in the am on sunday and will be arriving by schwinn so if you need help setting up in the main gate area give me a call on my cell take care see you sunday
  3. Oh well i guess ill have to live without it for now lets see whos going to out last me on tatsu sunday i have no doubt im gonna get my rear end handed to me lol
  4. Do any of you live in canyon country if so pm me so i can maybe get a ride if not its going to be 4 am when i get up to ride my bike all the way there lol
  5. Hey guys I just wanted to know the night before the bash if anybody wanted to meet up for a beer at the route 66 resturant on soladad cyn rd "I love going there for a cold one"! let me know please 21 and over ok im not gonna get busted before the biggest party of the year lol
  6. Hey need a buddy to hang with? ill be there tomorrow as well look for me in a bravo aviation letterman jacket cya tomorrow
  7. I just heard today while at the park deja will reopen april 1st i guess i was wrong see you in a couple weeks chris Um...April 1st is AFTER West Coast Bash... My bad robb but i wanted to let the members know in case they stayed in town after the bash
  8. I just heard today while at the park deja will reopen april 1st i guess i was wrong see you in a couple weeks chris
  9. Im sorry to burst your bubble with terminators construction deja vu wont reopen till it opens so your gonna be let down again.
  10. I might spend the night at my moms she lives about 5 mins from the park btw R&E are her neighbors lol
  11. Hey just wanted to know if any of you that are going want to hit the major rides after ERT is over and the park opens? IDK about you riding solo ''sucks!'' big time
  12. Hey Robb I got the cashiers check out to you on saturday im checking to make sure it got to you if you can call my cell and let me know it would help alot
  13. Hey R&E I signed up online for the event once i have my unemployment check this following week ill mail the money order to you. see you at the bash "if you need help setting up ill come down early"
  14. Bring on the rocket doubles my burger of choice at any JR location in sfmm or out at the valencia town center
  15. Thats what happens when this junkie gets a few sam adams in him. He forgets what hes typing and makes a idiot out of himself lol
  16. I was wondering when somebody who cant spell as if their life was at stake would start ranting about terminator for the love of god keep your shorts on it will get done on time i know this for a fact if its late tim will light a fire under gci's rear ends to get them moving
  17. Is it just me or are kids now able to run circles around us? my niece cora has yet to climb that hill but i manage just fine lol
  18. much better load times robb now i can upload pics of my upcoming trips
  19. What and i was working deja vu midway and you could not have said hello robb im hurt lol oh well till your next visit .
  20. Well you can thank me for the orient fountain cause i always wipe it down during the day ill see to it about the ones by tatsu and deja vu thanks for the heads up guys
  21. ^^^ "rant warning" In all due respect to pure dude you need to know where you cross the line dude. Ive read all your posts and it does sound like your saying "Die SFMM Die" ! myself and alot of the mods in here work there and care about our jobs we are whats helping bring the park back to the top so next time you post a anti sfmm post think hard and long about what you say
  22. Hey R&E so you guys were there today and did not stop by deja vu midway and say hello? And to think i was feeling a bit bored over there the area was dead so i left at 3pm and went and bought a shirt so i could go ride some coasters. Anyway next time you guys visit call me my cell number is in my profile
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