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  1. Thanks for all the pictures so far, hopefully there will be posted some more
  2. Thanks for the first pics! I could find some "inside" photo's from the station, that helps me allot!
  3. Hey ya'll, as you may have seen in this topic , i currently working on a 3d model of the Raven rollercoaster in Holiday World. I'm now finishing of the coaches, but after that, i wan't to build the whole station around it. So i'm wondering if you guys could help me out. During my visit last year i've made some photo's, but not that mutch. So hopefully you're willing to post some photo's of the station, from the in and outside if that's possible! Thanks for helping!
  4. And i can confirm that. This is just the new maintenance cabin for the park. Because at the moment it's way to small! The trains of Troy were fixex up in the park, so i think you can imagen why they need more room
  5. After my moddels of the Millennium Flyer Trains of GCI, it was time to model some new trains! My eyes fell on the PTC trains! The original train: The beginning of the 3d model: Started adding the environment: With more details and wheels: All i need to do is finish it off on the details, a better chassis and more enviroment stuff! Not to forget; the metal strips on the coach itself. When the coach/train is finished, i will start building the station.
  6. Well, it's been a long time ago since i posted my latest NL track, simpley because i had no inspiration at all! But finally, 2 weeks ago i came up with the idea for a wooden coaster that had to have particular elements. When i visited Holiday World last year i was totally impressed by the 3 wooden coasters in the park. The type of design, banking, how they where build in the enviromnent. With those coasters in my head i started building. Planegrinder is the result of all that inspiration, a CCI Wooden coaster. I hope you like it! Renders: Video: The track download is added as an attachement to this post coasterchi_planegrinder.nltrack Coasterchi - Planegrinder download
  7. First make sure you get the extra plugin modifiers called: - Mesh2spline - Solidify Without those 2 my tutorial wouldn't make sense I also can't give you those, so just scream if you have those two
  8. Well, like i promised, a little tutorial on how to creat the basic shape of a coaster track in 3ds Max. In this tutorial i'm going to explain how to creat track, not the ties. Ties can be created with extra plugins and are not easy to make with the basic modifiers of 3ds max. But still, here we go! Open a new make file and go to the menu to create a new line: Change the steps up to 30 or even higher (depending on how mutch track you are going to make and how smooth you want it). For now, 30 will do Now draw out a basic shape for a drop and a loop: If you don't know how to create such a smooth shape, select the "Vertex" option and right click on one of the vertexes. Choose "Bezier Corner" and shape your basic track line: Once we have the basic shape, or bettersaid, hartline, you can draw out the shape of the track! You can find the blue prints of B&M track online if you want a 100% accurate shape. For example. put it in you background and draw the shape! Since i want to do a quick shape, i choose to create 2 circle's and a rectangle... A simple B&M track shape: Now select one of the circle's or the rectangle, rightclick it and choose "Convert to Editable Spline": Select the "attach" function: Attach all the other drawn parts, that should become the shape of the track! If you succeed, you can see the track as one shape: Alright, let's make some real thins now! Go to the "Compound objects" menu and select "Loft" First, select the "heartline" and then choose "Get Shape" in the loft menu: Once you've done that, your scene looks something like this: It can look slight different, because you've could of drawn out your hartline in another view than i did. It's no problem at all, so don't worry! Expand the "Deformation" panel in the Loft menu. Click on the little lightbulb next to "Twist" and then click on "Twist": If everything went right, a new window opened with "twist deformation" in the titlebar. Alright, the twist function basicly it the "banking editor" as i use to call it! Everything you do in the twist deformation, has an effect on the banking of your track. Since my track is not straight yet, i start of by moving the vertex point in the twist field: You can see that the first part of my track is straight now, but the loop and the end aint. So were gonna fix that right now! Add some new vertexes and put them in position , so that the track is straight. You'll need to play with it a little bit to get it a 100% right. Notice; once you've changed the beginning of the twist, the end of the track will change to! So start at the beginning and end at the end. If you've made a mistake in the middle and you'll see it when you're finished, you got to do allot of banking work again! So work carefully!!! Well, that's the basics of track modelling! If someones interesseted in how you handle the ties, i will post it. Good luck on modelling those tracks!
  9. Well, i'm writing a little tutorial for you right now, so keep watching this part of TPR!
  10. As Hyyyper already said, i have my own company who also provides these 3d models and works on new concepts for themeparks Well, it is possible to put these models into NL, the thing is, these models are pretty high-poly, the framerate of NL would drop drasticly Maybe i'm already doing that
  11. Yups, i worked with the Mental Ray daylights in the renders on the previous page But still, with Mental Ray, you have to put allot more time in your materials to get some effect on it from your light and shadows. Once you've learned how to handle Vray, it's getting allot easier, but at the same time, more difficult. Because every material effects the other ones, you have to be really carefull with how you render it and that kind of stuff. Do you have some sample's of your work?
  12. I know it´s a long time ago i posted my first MF renders, but i´ve learned a new render technique, so things look allot more realistic with it;
  13. Well sorry, but you've could of posted a less offending message towards me! If you typed it in the way you typed you're second message , it would be a lot less offending towards me. I'll see if i'll post my finished model, for now i wont...
  14. I know that there's an option of exporting NL tracks, but DAMN, not every 3d coaster project is a 3d export! Well, to bad you will never see how the trains worked out!
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