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The Best Terrain Coaster

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I have only ridden one true terrain coaster and that is Lisebergbanen. Great Schwarzkopf-classic. Apparently this was Anton's favorite coaster and I can understand why. Its smooth, fun and has good G-forces.


Thundercoaster @ Tusenfryd is what I would call a semi-terrain coaster. The track doesnt follow the ground all the way, but the entire coaster is built on a hillside so the second drop is taller and steeper than the first one. This ride has really been going downhill, but its still an amazing ride in the rain. Wildest wooden coaster Ive ever ridden.

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You know, I was thinking about this. In some ways, The Voyage is actually the opposite of (my idea of) a terrain coaster--since instead of following the terrain, it mostly just blasts through it like it's in the way!


While it's probably not "the best," Gold Rusher at SFMM more fits my idea of a terrain coaster.


Kennywood's Thunderbolt may be the best mix of "great ride" and "terrain-following" that I've ridden. But, then again, I've yet to ride Boulder Dash.


Gold Rusher Photo: Ric Turner

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Yea I think Voyage isnt that good in my definition of "Terrain coaster" but it is a damn good coaster that isn't on flat land, if thats what you're going for. It just doesn't have the rapid changes in elevation/tracking to the contour of the terrain/dense foliage that coasters like Boulder Dash (my choice here) has. A good coaster, but it would pretty much be the same to me if it was built in a grassy field

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Tonnerre de Zeus @ Parc Astérix is definitely NOT a terrain coaster, It's placed on a pieac of relatively flat land, and the only thing that it has related to terrain is a bi of pseudo underground tunnel... That's all...


A Terrain coaster is a Coaster following the curves and shape of existing/ or realistically recreated hill or valley in order to : respeect law (Alton Towers ie), increase adrenaline and pacing on the ride. Enhance ride experience by hiding most of the layout, add earth interaction, give a more realistic feel and so on.


A coaster wil a tunnel that was dug into flat ground isn't a terrain coaster for me...



My top Three in no particular order: Nemesis, AIR, and Big Thunder Mountain @ DLRP. Some preference for AIR though, the sensation of skilling the ground is amazing

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This is an easy one. Daddy's Beautiful Girl-


Loch Ness Monster, BGE.


Nothing else is like her, nothing else will be like her. Just about the finest set of steel pipes in the world. Graceful, fast, Paced well, nice drops, pozGs in the right places, a long, cool dark tunnel, thrilling curves and a nice smooth ride. How could anything out there compare?

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im sure the voyage would probably take the cake for best terrain. but since i havent rode that ride yet. i like the terrain on ninja, at sfmm. the ride isnt as wild as its other arrow counter-parts, but its a nice scenic ride along the mountain side.


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I guess Dragon Mountain. It was my first coaster, so it holds a special place in my heart anyway. A lot of pointless meandering around, but the last inversions really do take you by surprise, and they put a nice twist on the usual "Arrow Boomerang", making it exit the maneuver in the same direction as when it entered. (As opposed to Vortex, Viper, Other Viper, and GASM).

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